Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About QFtp and stuff

Recently I started work on one module where I had to integrate FTP on the application. My focus was on getting a clean design and a good implementation.

I didn't have any idea about ftp in Qt. So I dug into the documentation and found about QFtp. After going through the main class and some related stuff I started coding. I referred to the sample application. And as I went on coding I came to understand how easy to use the class implementation is. In about 300 lines of code my simple get file functionality was coded. Now I'm working on bulletproofing my code and I can see the perfectly logical ways in which QFtp's error handling is.

In short I'm very impressed by QFtp's implementation. And kudos to whoever coded this brilliant class!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tech sanyas

Would not checking fb means you have taken fb sanyas? Well, one of my colleague haven't logged in to Facebook in last three months.

That made me take a look at my use patterns. I usually log in/ check out Facebook 3-5 times a day. Then there are all those morning tech news sites - my favorites are the verge, Engadget, anandtech, gsmarena. Sometimes I check out tomshardware and ZDNet too.
Then there are the stupid Google maps detours when I'm not feeling particularly productive.
And yeah besides tech, I also visit bikeszone for bicycle related news and discussions. 
And sometimes when I'm feeling musical I visit rolling stone for music reviews.
And imdb/ rottentkmatoes for movie reviews. Damn, that's a lot of misc internet use. And I don't think I can cut any of it off.
But what if I am to take tech sanyas? What would I cut off? Big question this!!!