Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What happened to Ubuntu

Ubuntu has been my most favorite favor of Linux to date. Canonical got a lot of things right. They are using Deb packages and I think after using CentOS for last two months, DEBs murder RPM. They got liveCD installer. They got wubi - which is how I tried Ubuntu at first. They almost got software center right. Apt is awesome but the update manager front end was not too bad itself.
They should have gotten Unity right because Unity had the appeal. What they screwed up was releasing Unity in the wild when it was not ready.
It didn't have the thorough support. It couldn't run without hardware acceleration. It was unstable and buggy. And because of this the speed was never realized. If I'm to use Ubuntu right now I think I would like Unity with the number of features, the current speed and stability.
Alas! I have converted to Elementary OS and I've become a fanatic. The speed, the looks and the simplicity is worth the few features missing. My vision for an OS would be the speed of win98 with the stability of win7.
I think Elementary is not far from that with the added bonus of looking so sexy!!! Good software is difficult to write and maintain. It takes huge efforts. And I respect the efforts Canonical has spent in Unity but they screwed the execution.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[confused tech] PostgreSQL

pgadmin III
the postgres user
postgres data folder permissions
weird psql commands - which actually are nearer to sqlite console

Seriously I'm feeling weird!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The few good apps for windows phone 7.5

Windows phone 7 is dead. At least my Omnia W is a good phone hardware wise and so I'm not feeling too bad about it.
So what small favors you can expect to pull from a dead platform? I asked myself the same question and so I have come with this small list of apps that let mw do more with my dead WP.

1. A fast dialer - RAPDIALER: Wp's own dialer is good enough but it doesn't have any kind of search functionality. And scrolling through contacts sucks. So I use RAPDIALER to quickly locate contacts.

2. Messengers - IM+, WHATSAPP and SKYPE: Wp has Facebook support integrated but the options appear quite fragmented to me. So I use IM+ for Facebook and google chat, WHATSAPP for my few friends who are stuck with some featurephone which can have only whatsapp. I use SKYPE for video calls.

*** Mails: Wp's inbuilt mail client is barely okay. But we don't have any alternate mail client for WP and if I could get one in the marketplace I would buy ot right away. But alas, what with a dead platform and the few sad turtles that managed to get stuck on that.

3. Maps - GMAPS: Bing maps just doesn't cut it. I need Google's data. GMAPS is a great google maps client for WP. And its got some good features. It may not have navigation and the advanced features that come with other OS's native clients but again dead platforms and turtles!!!

4. Games: At least I have manages to find some good games that are quite engaging. And that may be the lifesaving thing ( and timekilling thing ) here.

5. Adobe Reader: Seriously this adobe reader is not that useful since it doesn't remember the last pages read, doesn't have text reflow, doesn't even have go to page function but still its the only free PDF reader and as such its huge!

6. Compass, camera flashlight, GPS info, accelerometer:  You need these small utilities since MS forgot to provide them. Seriously, forget about the camera flashlight but compass, accelerometer and GPS readings should be shown in a native app. Thankfully the external devs have a number of apps for these things. The only problem is that there's a shitload of apps for these things. So you need to go through a number of apps to find the ones with good quality and the features you need from them.

7. File sharing - BOXFILES FOR DROPBOX, SKYDRIVE: Skydrive is well integrated and the app provided is also good enough to use. For those who use dropbox, Boxfikes for Dropbox is a great dropbox client. There are a few other clients available in the marketplace but this particular one has a good interface. It even has a version for box.com if you are using that for your online file sharing needs.

8. PIM - SHOPPING LIST, TASKS, DAY COUNTER: Wp's calendar doesn't suit me well so I have been using TASKS for task management. SHOPPING LIST is a small app for shopping and I have found it to be a gem! DAY COUNTER is an app specifically created for counting days to an event. And its exceptionally good at it. Basically it lets you create tiles for the event and they show how many days to go for that event.

9. Sports activities tracking - I'm currently using ENDOMONDO SPORTS TRACKER and its pretty good app. I have tried a few other sports tracking apps and each has some strength and weakness over others. But endomondo works okay for me.

10. Browsers UC BROWSER: uc is a real gem of a browser. It basically provides all the features as that of Opera mini and some more. Its very easy to use and very fast. The provided Internet Explorer works well but for some quick browsing UC is best.

Well, that's some good apps. I know there are some more when you add some more categories like ROVI for twitter, METROTUBE as a YouTube client, then some notepad apps, TOGGLE is another and so on.

I Think they make a Windows Phone much more usable.