Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mobile number porting

Recently I ported my personal cellphone number from Airtel to Reliance Jio. The process was quite simple. I just took with me my Aadhar card, and paid 60 Rs. Then the storekeeper used the jio app on his cellphone to enter my info and took a photo of me. Then entering the porting code which I generated by sending "port" SMS to 1909.
And it was done. 5 days later yesterday evening I received an SMS that my number porting process is done. They will activate my number on the given SIM by 6AM today. And so in morning I saw that Airtel has deactivated my SIM, so I popped in the Jio card and then called the activation number. And after providing some basic details the number activation was done.
Lets see how Jio works!