Thursday, March 15, 2018

.Net Solutions, DLL's, Build orders etc

Got to learn some new thinigs about Visual Studio today. Basically I wanted to build a library and integrate it into an existing solution. 
Steps: 1. Open Solution, Add new project of type "Class Library". Then create namespaces, classes, static library functions etc. Build it. Build OK, DLL ready.
Step 2: In other project ( where DLL is to be used), Add reference, Browse, Select Newly created DLL. Add using for DLL namespace. Call function in DLL. Call OK. Build this project. 
Hiccup! Issue no 1: DLL project was using newer .Net version while other project (Lets say App project) was using slightly older version and so it's build was giving error - Type or namespace for Library namespace not found. 
Bit of googling gave me solution. So set Lib's .Net version to same as App. Build OK. 
Next step: Verify solution is building correctly. For this there's something called build order to consider. For this in VS there's a setting - "Project Build Order...". This can be reached after right clicking on Solution in Solution Explorer. 
This opens a small dialog box where you can setup project dependencies and with correct dependencies appropriate build order is prepared. Here I set the app project to be dependent on Lib and the build order was updated accordingly. Voilla! 
So I rebuilt the solution and it all worked out great! 
Feels good when things work without much fuss!!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Maybe nothing can fix it [SailfishOS Enterprise WiFi]

So yesterday I re-updated my AquaFish from to and then to This halfway update was because is a major update and we can't directly update from to So instead we have to update in steps. 
Anyway, just reached office and checked the connection. Sadly nothing! I checked dmesg output and there was a boatload of vos_malloc errors. So looks like there's some bug somewhere where something critically dies and the connection fails. 
Anyway my curiosity is satisfied. Maybe the one working connection instance I observed was a fluke, a mere chance, an aberration and looks like the universe has fixed it! 
Alas! Sometimes we can do with some error! Cheers!