Monday, December 7, 2020

Lenovo G580 parting, and G405 maintenance

The other lenovo in the family - Lenovo G405 which my father is using, recently lost its battery and so father asked me to get a replacement (battery). But due to geographical constraints and COVID I could not do that. Also my recent visit was going to be only a day so I decided to just go ahead and overhaul my Lenovo G580 and give it to father.
That meant a number of things - open up chassis and clean it up, replace it's dead battery, check out keyboard if it's going to fail again, and few small things.
Luckily I had just couple of years ago opened this one up completely and replaced it's CPU's thermal grease, and it's been running quite cool. It seldom goes over 57 degrees which is great for a 2016, 28nm part with 35W TDP.
So I spent 3-4 hours getting all this done. Got a Lapcare replacement battery for 2000Rs which will be good for another couple of years. Rest all looked great. Then last month I visited my hometown and exchanged laptops.
Now the G405 which I got was mechanically fine, though full of dust. It needed major cleaning. I unfortunately don't have any pics before cleaning, but below are some after cleaning.

That took a lot of work. Basically scrubbing, wiping and more scrubbing. This laptop has sort of matt look and a wet cloth does not work as well.
Instead you need a brush - a toothbrush which I used - along with some soapwater, ensuring none of that goes in the electronics. And all this followed by a wipe with  dry microfiber cloth.
Thankfully on electronics side, besides the battery, everything else is functional. So I'll spend some cash to get a replacement battery. And this laptop will be as good as new. It's about 6.5 years old and has held up pretty good. 
So that's all for now! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dashcam for CAR

Driving in Indian road traffic is an adventure. And when someone may crash into you, you can never tell. So it makes complete sense to have some sort of surveillance for the car.
I spent about INR4500 ($62) and got this below car dashcam. 

This chinese-made ( There are some europian-designed made-in-china dashcams but they are costly! ) dashcam can record in upto 1080P resolution and supports upto 128GB SD Cards.
I am using a 32GB SD Card and it can record upto 7Hrs of footage in 32GB, and then it starts overwriting older files. The footage is of decent quality, you can catch other vehicles number-plates in daylight. One good thing with this particular model is it comes with hardwire-kit and you can directly plug it into your car's fusebox and that means your single cigarette-lighter port remains free to use during driving.
This camera has a capacitor inside which can help save emergency videos in case of a collision / crash.
It also has a gravity sensor to detect collision and automatically save next 10 seconds video footage. Though I found the sensor to be sensitive to our potholed roads, and I have to set the sensitivity to high. 
It can also record audio of conversation inside the car. And it's removable from the mount, which means you can take it with you to download the videos etc at home comfortably.
It's performed well during my long road trip and I think from security point of view it's an excellent addon.

New member in family - Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXi AGS

This actually happened in Sept-2020, but I do have a backlog of things to share - tech or non-tech.
So Celerio is a small hatchback, with 1.0Ltr engine that produces 68BHP power and 90nm torque. It's modest and cheap enough to fit my budget. It cost me about 6Lac INR i.e. $8250. This variant I bought is a middle variant and it comes with AGS a.k.a. AMT. AGS which stands for automatic gear shift, and AMT which stands for Automatic Manual Transmission.
This particular automatic transmission is the cheapest automatic transmission, in that there's a simple sensor and actuator with a control unit to operate the actual manual transmission. And as such it's not performance oriented, quite slow to operate but does get rid of the clutch pedal and gives excellent economy.
So my reason for buying an automatic was simply the city traffic. Another point is a simpler car to mess with for my wife who is not comfortable with manual transmission. What other things does this car comes with then? Actually not much! There's ABS which is now compulsory, engine is BS-VI compliant since that's compulsory. I spend about INR8.5K extra to get passenger-side airbag while the driver-side is compulsory. There are parking sensors, all 4 power windows, AC and heater but only vents at the front and... nothing more. There's no infotainment, no automatic climate control, no DRL's even!
But that's okay, the seats are comfortable and ground clearance is very good. In fact I did a 1100km road trip just recently and it went perfect!! Cheers!!