Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My adventures with RedMi 1S

I got the RedMi 1S in first week of Nov'14. It's more than two months and I have come to love this device.
Its a nice phone. It lets me do almost everything that I want done. The battery lasts one and a half day and its nice not to be hunting the charger every evening.
The only issue I had was the RAM issue was making life a bit stuttery. So I went ahead and put the Mokee custom ROM on the phone. Performance wise the kitkat AOSP based ROM was totally knockout, light and also somewhat buggy.
Some bugs I could tolerate but the audio playback bug made me flash the phone with Adria ROM.
As the devs claim it's better than stock with better performance and more fluid. But after going through a fortnight with it, I haven't seen any difference with it. Its just like official ROM, although pre-rooted. And so I am sticking it since it seems to offer the best things that I can have hardware wise.
So waiting for some decent stable custom ROM....

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sending a window to different display


(you do this only once)
In your desktop install SSH server
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

From your laptop:

ssh -X username@desktop_pc_ip
In the terminal you get whatever you run will be on your desktop but displayed on your laptop. If you want to do the same while seated on your desktop (and send windows on your laptop) then go on.
On your terminal you run
This will show you something like:

From your desktop:

Open a terminal and run
DISPLAY=:10.0 firefox
This should send a firefox window on your laptop but running on your desktop. Make sure the number you put (e.g. 10.0) is the same as in the echo result