Sunday, June 21, 2015

ROM Transactions on RedMi 1S

So the latest news is that I'm back on Adria ROM. Back last month, I used Mokee Lollypop ROM for a while. Then because of deteriorated battery life I shifted back to Mokee Kitkat.
That didn't last more than a fortnight since I noticed stability issues. So I moved back to Lollypop. Except the battery life, things were good. But I found audio to be performing not quite good.
MiUi rom has much better audio settings baked in. And I am kind of an Audiofile. So I reverted to Adria ROM. And have been enjoying the great Sound quality since.

Lesson learnt, Sound matters more than UI and OS experience. :J

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Recently the current product I'm working on had a tussle with a no of GStreamer issues. So I have been moved there to put out the fire. So suddenly life is full of pipelines and pads and streams.
I have till date had no interaction with GStreamer. So it's going to be interesting - in that a non-multimedia person is going to have to deal with all the media. Lets hope it will be fun!