Monday, September 13, 2021

Having tools and using them helps!

I like giving at least one try to fix broken things on my own and only when things are a bit too complex to simply fix it, I forward them to respective technicians.
Sometimes there are simple things like a washer that's gone, or little bit of soldering that's needed. Sometimes there are wires that are broken. I like to fix these things are avoid a (possibly costly) visit to the tech people.
Recently my wireless keyboard was acting up. It was quite random and I previously thought it was some noise from all the electronic stuff crammed on my desk, but it was a failing AAA cell.
Used the multimeter to confirm that that cell's voltage was down to 1.1v instead of 1.4v and that was causing the issue. Replaced it and all's well. Usually we end up a non-working keyboard and the cell probably leaked it's guts all over the place. So catastrophe avoided!

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