Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The story of Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid Conversion

Update: On Wed 2016-11-08 I gave in and visited the nearest Airtel Care Store. Thankfully the people there were very helpful and they knew the exact problem. So they gave me a 1800-xxx-xxx number for televerification. Once it's done they asked me for ID proof which I did not have at the time. But I visited them in evening and submitted the ID Proof. After this I was given a new SIM Card. This got activated in about two hours and the phone service was started. The SMS service was started after 24 Hours. 
Hush! That was an experience. So this proved that Airtel's OnCall Customer Care sucks but the Airtel Care stores might be the ray of hope. Well, lets see how the postpaid services work out for a while. Or else we can always port out!!!

Sometimes you look at the many hours you spent looking at your prepaid packs n the best combos and stuff, it seems like a waste. Me too. So I decided to convert my Prepaid Airtel connection to Postpaid. And it has been an adventure so far.
Sat 2016-10-29 Airtel guy visits to collect documents and gives SIM. Assures SIM will be activated when address verification is done. Another guy will visit for address verification by 2016-11-02 since its four days holiday.
Sat 2016-11-05 Finally the airtel address verification guy shows up. I have the SIM in the phone but no network. I hope it will get network after address verification.
Sun 2016-11-06 Verification complete. But no network yet. I try to get to Airtel Customer Care but cant find a way to reach any exec. Airtel website is useless. The internet is useless as it seems.
Mon 2016-11-07 I have shot out a number of mails to Airtel Customer Support E-Mail - They say they will get back to you in two hours. But no help yet. Airtel really sucks.
Tue 2016-11-07 Got some replies. The tune is same - Your tele-verification is pending so please complete it. I shot out at least three replies to the tune - your damn SIM won't connect to your thrice damned network. So god help me.
Wed 2016-11-08 Shot out a mail to their nodal officer. Got positive and useless reply. I complained about the lack of Customer Care Number Access and this idiot have not mentioned anything about it in the reply. Stupids!
Also got a call from the Postpaid people who contacted me in the first place. And they can't find their ass with both hands. Airtel have lost me as a customer. Now I'm just waiting to get the number working and then port out to someone even marginally better.
Who? Probably Idea or Vodafone.
Reliance Jio is crap as seen fro their billing plans and the freebies are vaporware or reality only till Dec 03.
Telenor has crap service, don't have 3G.
Tata Docomo has severe signal issues everywhere. Incidentally I have a Photon WiFi dongle which can't find network half the time.
Reliance RCom is a thief of a company with crap service.
Aircel is total unknown. And I'm not looking to experiment right now.

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