Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DTE.ORG.IN and Open Source

   Engineering, Diploma etc. admissions processes are online. The website for it is . Unfortunately Technical board doesn't seems to care about users who don't use IE. When you go to , this is what it says: "Sorry, this Application is Supported only on IE6, IE7 & IE8" .
Same applies when Diploma admission link is visited. I think this is clear case of vendor locking. Is there any way to protest?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What you can't take away from me

You can't take away my smile
You can't take away my music
You can't take away my spirit
You can't take away my happiness
You can't take away my pride
You can't take away my kindness
You can't take away my honesty
You can't take away my love
You can't take away my peace
'Cause I've found all these things inside me!!!

But if you want all of these,
You can have them all.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Setting Up Virtual Hosts on Apache for Linux

Dear All,

I was needed to set up a virtual host for an older LAMP application and the developers had worked with a different serer. So it used fixed directories and hardlinks. Sufferance. And the developers are long vanished from our horizon. So what to do to make it run again - Either edit the 40-50 pages and change the links or create a Virtual Host. I chose easy looking way of creating a virtual host.

How was I to know I've stepped into a mire and all that remained is sinking down in confusion. I went through 40-50 webpages for information and things got more confusing. So I went ahead and tried a number of solutions. I was about to give up when one combination worked. (Not perfectly though, I was stuck at not able to get host but it got solved within next 10 pages).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Browsers and browsers

Browser wars are far from over. I'm gonna tell a small story of which browsers have influenced my life.

It was windows 98, and we had IE5.5. I was a novice then, and didn't know world beyond IE. The Windows98 was something to remember with it's unpolished GUI, blue screens and many hidden features. But that was all the windows we had back then.

Next came Windows XP and more hardware requirement. Well it also gave us IE6 n 7 recently. After fumbling around for couple of years, I learned about better alternatives, about Mozilla, safari, opera and many more. I moved away from IE. Its 6 years since I first used Mozilla's Firefox. I'm still using Firefox but I also use chromium once in a while.

It's also 6 years since I touched IE. From then Firefox have reached FF4beta, IE9's in the works and Opera n others are moving ahead as of Aug'2010. Google's Chrome n chromium are giving tough competition to settled players. But one thing I noticed about chrome is that devnagri matter/text is not displayed properly.

Obviously they'll improve that, and the browser war will wage on...

*on mobile front Opera seems to be the king of the hill with Opera Mini and Opera Full. But with new OSes like iOS, Android and many others providing inbuilt better browsers, it's tough there too.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucid Lynx and Me

Hmmm, I'm a skeptic and paranoid guy when it comes to new things. And when you think about OS'es yeah all my paranoia is aptly justified. We see newer releases filled with bloatware, demanding more and more resources, and looking flashier, and sometimes so hi-fi that we cannot help but feel blinded in all the eye-candy.

Thank god, I don't have any kind'a computing device at home so I'm spared with testing and making myself a believer in Win 7. But at my workplace I had Ubuntu 9.01 for 4-Months and it's worked cool n quiet and I'd a nice setup without much experimentation. (I did mess up one installation - n learned my lesson that never experiment on workstation. So now I've couple of partitions exclusively given to trying out different OS'es.)