Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucid Lynx and Me

Hmmm, I'm a skeptic and paranoid guy when it comes to new things. And when you think about OS'es yeah all my paranoia is aptly justified. We see newer releases filled with bloatware, demanding more and more resources, and looking flashier, and sometimes so hi-fi that we cannot help but feel blinded in all the eye-candy.

Thank god, I don't have any kind'a computing device at home so I'm spared with testing and making myself a believer in Win 7. But at my workplace I had Ubuntu 9.01 for 4-Months and it's worked cool n quiet and I'd a nice setup without much experimentation. (I did mess up one installation - n learned my lesson that never experiment on workstation. So now I've couple of partitions exclusively given to trying out different OS'es.)

So after couple of months after Lucid is released, I looked things up, consulted early risers who were using Lucid from Day one, and decided to give it a try.  SO I formatted one 30 Gigs partition that help my broken Ubuntu 9.10, and put Lucid on that. (The broken installation was a real mess. I'd tried Openbox, Lxde, xfce and many other things on that. I liked LXDE but I'm more used to gnome's various small nitty-gritties so that I turned back to gnome. XFCE was a mixed experience, not much to write here about it. Openbox was good but I lacked patience to figure out a working combination of all apps I needed. Well that's it.)

Anyway I installed Lucid and first thing I did was install apt-cacher. After picking up the configuration and cache files from 9.10 I had it working smoothly in 10 Mins. Next I sat and configured mail, and some usual collection of applications.
It didn't take much time. I checked out empathy, and the integration looked tight and good. So now I configured my gtalk and yahoo messenger accounts with empathy. And most of stuff done. Now there are just couple of things to configure i.e. the scratchbox and few more servers like LAMP stack etc.

Performance wise Lucid is very good. I've a Pentium D 1.6Ghz dual core with 2Gb RAM and Lucid starts faster than WinXP. It's even faster than old Karmic. That's some achievement for Canonical, since I've seen seven look and feel sluggish even on a computer with twice my specs.

Following is my desktop. It's not Lucid's native desktop, but I've tweaked and themed it so as to help me with greatest usability. (Those pesky left sided buttons in title bar! GONE!!! )

P.S. Hey, I don't have a high-res widescreen monitor, it's a poor 15" 4:3 monitor.

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