Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something of Music

I've a songs collection of approx 45GB. It's not much when compared with many of you who'd have terabytes of Music sitting on your disks. I listen to Marathi songs, Hindi songs from oldies to latest Bollywood hits. In English it goes from pop to rock to party hits to Remixes.
I like all kinda songs. I listen to Linkin Park, Creed, Shakira, Trapt, Hoobastank, Nickelback,Bob Sinclar, Korn, The Rasmus, Rohanna, Akon and many more. And it's not like I favour any single artist. It depends on mood. Sometimes I feel like listening to 'Kande Pohe' from Sanai Choughade and next I'm listening to Papa Roach's 'Getting away with Murder'.
There's something about music. Just last night I put some random songs in My MP3 Player (I'm one of many people who don't are for iMP3's). BTW it's just 1GB thing, takes in about 150 songs, and I keep on changing the content weekly. So I came across 'Chaiya Chaiya' from 'Dil Se' and I remembered 'Vatage Point' and it's starting Music. The movie was great. (I'm a movie buff BTW or I believe myself to be one...) So I remembered a number of movies that I'd seen over the years. Many with great Music. I fondly remember a number of Movies by Bhatt brothers for their music and Nonexistent anything else.
But back to Music. Some Ghazal's are always with me like 'Hoshwalon Ko' from 'Sarfarosh' starring Aamir Khan and Sonali Bendre. And sonali did look like the girl of everybody's dreams. Then there's some songs which make you want to dance - like 'Chhan Chhan karta hai ye nashila badan' again with Sonali Bendre, but it's an altogether different beat, different mood, and a kind of nasha.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Apt Cacher: A local APT Server


apt-cacher is a program to set up an apt cache server from which a number of other computer can download packages. Apt-cacher reduces network bandwidth used while downloading similar packages on a number of computers over LAN.

Tutorial to Setup Apt-Cacher

How To Set up a repository cache with apt-cacher

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Scratchbox Tutorial

Scratchbox is a tool that aims to provide chrooted crosscompilation environment and manages to hide the complexity in crosscompiling any app for a target platform.

1. Installing scratchbox :

Add following line to apt sources.list

deb stable main

Update repository of host machine,

#sudo apt-get update

Install following packages:

थोडा मराठी input

गेल्या शनिवारी मी अणि माझा सहकारी सिद्धार्थ, टेक मराठीच्या सभेला गेलो होतो. About ५० लोक आले होते. बरीच नवी माहिती मिळाली. पण सगळ्यात मोठे असे की काही लोक मराठीसाठी कम करतायत हे बघून बरे वाटले.
Anyway's back to the base of it all. Right now I did try to get some marathi/hindi input on my desktop(My Company-provided Desktop). I'm using Ubuntu 9.10. Unfortunately I didn't get marathi support for input. Hindi support is available but I'm still searching for guide/Documentation for the proper input and getting complex input right.

The one software that looked very promising is Baraha. But sadly it's not available for Linux. So we inter net junkies are left with google's transliteration, which is more than sufficient for guys like me that do most of the writing in English. But occasionally we would also like to write some matter in our mother tongue.

But it looks we'll have to be very determined to get something out. जसे की मी आत्ता म्हणतो आहे - माका माझ्या मालवणीतना सगळा लिवुचा हा. तर मी काय करू? का माका देवाक garhana घालुचा लागतला?
p. s. I couldn't get garhana right whatever I did.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A new name

Today I wanted to change the name of my blog to something good. I tried many names and at last I've found point element as my blog's new name.

Point element is the point man in a recon group. He's the most alert guy scanning terrain before him. And usually the petrol changes point regularly so that the guy who's on point is fresh and always most alert.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I  was looking for a good winamp like Audio player for my Ubuntu. I hate rhythmbox for it's interface. And so the journey began to find a good Audio player that'll give me good enough sound and ease of use so that I won't miss my winamp.

After going through a lot of crap, blogs, posts and all I settled on Audacious.

It gives me everything that I need and I didn't need to learn something new because things were not as I wanted them to be.

And those are some crystals for desktop background. Naah, I just crammed them in the LCD.


You might wonder what the heck is a post doing with a title of documentation. And rightfully so. Even I also wondered what the heck am I going to write here. But then I blanked my mind for couple of minutes and thoughts started crowding about in my mind. various thoughts.

I remembered various documentations I've done in my life. all those private diaries. Those unreleased private transcripts. The assignments, notes, project documentations. Lots of writing. I felt proud. Yes, I've written so much and today also I'm writing. Well right now I'm working on some documentation too. I'm working on my company's flagship product's documentation. Well, rightfully though it's not my job. My job is to write code. But small company, limited horsepower...(horse??? Oops manpower). And so you need to put on a number of hats, do a number of jobs.

So anyway the joy of creation is still there, and the doc's coming nicely. I'll post it somewhere when the said product is officially released. On personal front yes, there's some private documentation's going on too. I do that since many times I need to have reasons for my actions. I need to remember the situation. And for me every decision is usually a conscious decision. And so it helps knowing why I did what I did - especially somewhere in future.

On other fronts things are going okay. Not much trouble here. The society is peaceful. Travel with public transport is still Pain in the backside. And I'm yet to get my Limo(you don't believe I'm getting a limo. Well, Me neither. And it's just a dream anyway, and I'll probably shift into the Limo saving Rs. 2k of rent. Haha.)
So things are good overall. Be back with something interesting.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

card Tickets Vs E-Tickets

Today's 20 Min's journey from home to office was a little more than interesting. The bus was full as usual. I stood hanging at the back. The conductor looked cheering than normal. I thought - must've been bored to death with crowded buses and endless ticketing. But what the heck. Anyway it all didn't make much sense till last ten min's when the good fellow reached the back of the bus.

He was frustrated with the e-ticketing machine and he did get couple of wrong tickets. Once he got out a ticket of Rs. 10 for one asked of Rs. 6. And another time he got similarly wrong ticket.

Monday, June 7, 2010

A twist with gnome, KDE, LXDE and OpenBox

Hi all,

Today I'm on a different plane. So last week I was flying(metaphorically) around the world wide web. And I came across a number of websites/forums/blogs where people have published really eye-catching desktops using various utilities/programs etc. I went through it and as a hardcore Linux User and Developer I know how slow a system becomes when you try out all those swanky things.

Sure try them if you have a Quad core monster and oodles of ram, but I came across a number of posts where people have achieved lightweight desktops with great eye candy. Many used Openbox, others LXDE, not many for xfce.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going deeper in Linux

I started with Linux as an amateur. I was interested in options (I always am and I believe in multiple backups BTW), and I was tired of Windows 98. It was back in 2002. I started on a P4 1.8GHz.

Wait a minute, I've used a 486 before that but I just played doom on that at my cousin's home back in my village. So I started with the 1.8GHz Pentium 4 and 128 MB Ram on a i845 mainboard. It was okay machine, I could play some games too. But windows 98 was hell of unstable.

Win2k was coming around to stability but it was too much effort to go at it. Anyway I was too much into Magazines then and so I came to know about Linux. As one self declared geek I attacked with greed. (We all geeks are just like that!) So I tried a few Live CD's like knoppix, slackware. It was good trying out new things. jumping around obstacles. Way more geeky.