Sunday, July 19, 2015

MiUI 6 on Redmi 1S

So finally after so much wait I got hold of the official update of Redmi 1S - that's MiUi6. Its not totally fresh though. Still based off kitkaat. But neverthless a fresh coat of paint with some new shine.

I went ahead with clean flashing with formatting everything and got it all working just the way it was supposed to be. Its about a fortnight since I flashed the update on my Redmi 1S. And my feedback is positive. It's not the lightest or easiest skin around. And also there's the free RAM issue, in that the amount of free RAM is still paltry.

But the thing looks like its well optimized. And it runs well. i had some issues with more than two-three heavy apps running side by side, but ever since I have come to understand its limits.

The internal apps are all new. And it all looks like a fresh experience. There are changes all around. The settings have been totally overhauled. The various transitions have been worked out. The Music app has been overhauled and its been better integrated with xiaomi's cloud services.

The rom gives good performance and the battery life provided is decent. You have to tweak it a bit according to your usage patternsbut after that it easily lasts for about a day and half.

Overall it was great that Xiaomi got this out the gate and it turned out to be such a good thing. In todays no-update world of android phones, its commendable when a company gets update to it's entry level hardware.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

ROM Transactions on RedMi 1S

So the latest news is that I'm back on Adria ROM. Back last month, I used Mokee Lollypop ROM for a while. Then because of deteriorated battery life I shifted back to Mokee Kitkat.
That didn't last more than a fortnight since I noticed stability issues. So I moved back to Lollypop. Except the battery life, things were good. But I found audio to be performing not quite good.
MiUi rom has much better audio settings baked in. And I am kind of an Audiofile. So I reverted to Adria ROM. And have been enjoying the great Sound quality since.

Lesson learnt, Sound matters more than UI and OS experience. :J

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Recently the current product I'm working on had a tussle with a no of GStreamer issues. So I have been moved there to put out the fire. So suddenly life is full of pipelines and pads and streams.
I have till date had no interaction with GStreamer. So it's going to be interesting - in that a non-multimedia person is going to have to deal with all the media. Lets hope it will be fun!