Sunday, September 28, 2014

Current ROM on Zte Blade C

Its names Rigor Stock. Its not as fast as SlimDroid ROM. But it works out well. I recently recalibrated the battery too. And have found it to be charging and discharging well.
The app I used for battery calibration is BatteryCalibration available from Play store.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MIUI v5.2 ROM for ZTE Blade C (v807C)

The MIUI ROM is heavy. I noticed severe slowing down in places. I did not use it for more than a few days though. So it could be that cleaning up the system a bit, might have helped.
The MIUI looks great, is pleasure to use with great looks, features and a similarity everywhere. But its far too removed from the android experience.
Sadly not my cup of tea right now!
Link on needrom:

Slim Droid ROM on ZTE Blade C (v807c)

This ROM is fastest of the few I tried out. Its really slimmed down, is fast and pleasant to use.

The two main problem I noticed were lack of 3G and broken battery charge monitor. The lack of 3G was not much hindrance for me, but the broken battery monitor meant I could not use this ROM.
Link to ROM on