Thursday, September 1, 2016

Excel data to tree for org chart

I wanted to prep a simple org chart.
After looking all over the net I found this nifty excel-sheet.

Copy of the provided file is also available here, in case the link vanishes.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Replacement File Manager for Android - Asus ZenUI File Manager

I have been using Mokee ROM on my ZTE Nubia Z9 mini for last six months. I got started with Android lollipop 5.1 ROM and soon moved to Marshmallow, while the stock ROM is stuck on 5.0.2. Generally this is the case with chinese OEM's but the phone is solid with more than one day of battery life, great camera and overall snappy response. 
Anyway few weeks back I started seeing this file moving/ copying issue where the inbuilt file manager won't copy the files correctly. When I copied more than 1GB of files then it would fail to copy 1-2 files to memory card. This was infuriating. 
I thought maybe it's the apps problem and tried ES file explorer. But with ES file explorer also I got similar issue. After using ES File explorer for about a month and noticing this issue a number of times, I decided to use some other file manager. Because this is a basic function and if a file manager is failing in this then there's some serious problem with the app. 
So last week I stumbled upon ZenUI's File Manager which is Asus file manager app for their Zenphone's. And I have been using it for one week and everything's working fine. The application interface is great, the copy/ move workflow is well thought. E.g. with Mokee's own file manager, you select a number of files and then you move to target folder and from a hamburger menu there, you select "Move Selection here..." which is un-intuitive in my thoughts. In Asus File Manager, you have a "Move to" option in hamburger menu at top right corner. This opens a dialog box where you select a target. It shows last four folders as well and this helps a lot. After you select move, and tap OK, move operation launches. After moving is finished, you stay in your original folder only, which means you can move some more files to other folders quickly. 
This is great!!
Another feature I like most from Asus ZenUI File Manager is Storage Analyzer which is faster than ES File Explorer's analyzer and quickly shows you the files eating your precious storage. Overall I'm very happy with Asus's File Manager. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

HP Deskjet 2131 Use experience

HP Deskjet 2131 is a basic All-in-one printer. It supports basic inkjet color printing, has a scanner for scanning and copying features.

The package comes with the device, power chord, USB cable, driver CD-ROM, demo cartridges which can print 12-16 pages, a manual and warranty card. The warranty is one year for device. The original cartridges come with six months warranty.

I tried few black and white and color prints and the quality was good. Black and white printing speed is average, but not bad. I have seen some older inkjet printers which take one second to print one line. This is not that bad.
One thing this printer lacks is it doesn't have automatic paper feeder tray, instead you have to feed papers by hand. This is not a problem for occasional home printing but if you have to take number of prints then you would soon get tired of feeding the pages.
The color printing speed is good. I have not yet printed any photos on photo paper. I have ordered some 4'x6' photo paper sheets and will soon test photo printing too. I printed some color documents and couple of photos downloaded from internet and they all printed well enough.
I scanned few documents and the scanner is good. You have to change some settings when scanning the photos though and increase the resolution so photos are scanned with high resolution. Later using any picture utility like GIMP/Photoshop you can resize it to minimize the size. I am yet to find the copying workflow. But I'll check it out soon.

Running Costs:
Price-wise the Black cartridge costs INR 750/- which is bit costly and according to reviews it can print about 200 pages, which means printing a page costs more than INR 2/- which doesn't save you much money, but it should save you money on printing color prints and photos. The color cartridge costs about INR1100/-.

OS Support:
On windows the provided CD-ROM gives drivers and HP's a-la control center which lets you keep track of print jobs.
On Linux inbuilt drivers work out fine.

Overall for INR 2900/- its' a cheap printer with about average running costs and a good deal.