Friday, November 17, 2017

SFOS Update v2.1.3.7 Kymijoki

I had seen this update few days back. Now a whike has passed and no more major breakage was reported, so I decided to go ahead and upgrade. This is mainly an enhancement update.
I updated over commandline since I dont know if and when this will be available by Intex. As usual devel-su, followed by ssu re and version --dup finished the upgrade. It was kind of small at 170MB mentioned on the Jolla Blog.
After upgrade was complete I rebooted the aquafish and its working fine without any major breakage. The one thing I noticed is the UI now is even smoother and responsive. I intend to check out the enhancements one by one. And Im going to see if they have solved the WiFi issue I have been having with Enterprize wifi with MSChapV2 auth. Lets see.
I have been using Aquafish for a while now. And my experience has been great overall. The battery life is great. The smoothness and speed is great. It feels much more value than my other cheap phone - Panasonic T44. But again the extra 2K rupees can always give you a lot more.
By the way I have removed the broken lens cover. Now the photos come out fine, but the Camera module is completely exposed. Going to have to be a bit careful where I thtow the mobile these days.
So thats it for today. Adios!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The pervasive advertising behemoths

If you are using an Android phone, you must know the amount of user data that's getting shared with advertisers by the OS, the various Apps and maybe every webpage that you visit. 
Yesterday I ordered a battery for our family camera. It's a Sony Cybershot W510. Nice entry level camera and it's working great all these years. Recently I noticed the battery life has taken a hit and this comes with a rechargeable battery. So I ordered one off Snapdeal for 700Rs. That's about $11. I also searched for the battery on Amazon. I also did something else - added a W800 Cybershot to my Amazon wish list. I'll probably buy the newer one in couple of months and gift it to parents while I keep and use the old one. I do stuff like that. I keep the shittiest of things for myself and give everybody else better things. 
Anyway this morning I just added a file in ADM downloader app. And at the bottom there was a Amazon add for W810 Cybershot cam. Spooky!!! Makes me hate targeted advertising, especially when it's on a device. 
Last week I heard somewhere in New York, they are going to have add boards with targeted ads. Ads will be displayed related to people travelling nearby. Think when someone passes by who does only lingerie shopping on Amazon, and all of a sudden all lingerie models crowd around. That's fucked up!!

This all has made me think of trying to use the Jolla and see how the waters are on the other shore. Let's see if I feel adventurous enough. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

WD Blue 500GB and Logitech B100 mouse for Laptop

Finally I got fed up with my slow laptop and since the memory thing did not work out, I was feeling desperate. So I decided to byte the bullet and spend couple of thousand more rupees and ordered a hard-disk and a mouse from Amazon. 
In couple of days got them too. I was going to be out of town for weekend, so I quickly put it all together and then put Ubuntu Mate 17.10 on it. 
Then watched couple of episodes of a tv show and did bit of web browsing. And I can say it all has been working great. The new hard disk is plenty fast. The Logitech mouse is serviceable. The pointer a bit once in a while but otherwise it's fine.
This has greatly improved the usability of my age old laptop.