Sunday, September 24, 2017

A weekend outing, a puncture and some slipped nuts...

We - me and my family - wife, brother in law and Sister, went for an outing couple of days back. It was great, nice sunny weather, empty roads and riding the scooters, it was awesome.
We hit a snag on a village road - one of the scooters got a puncture. We got out the toolkit but we were not much helpful with it. Thankfully couple of villagers helped us. The problem is the scooter wheel has four nut-bolts holding the wheel to the drum with size 14 bolts. The drum is held to the main shaft with a size 24 bolt. What happpened was the toolkit had only size 14 spanner. So we got on work on the four bolts. Turns out couple of the bolts are made of low-quality soft metal, and the spanner slipped twisting the edges and the wheel could not come off.
We did not have size 24 spanner, so we took the other scooter and got a mechanic from 10km away, he had the tools, and soon we had the scooter running.
Lesson learned - keep extra spanners - proper round type - flat spanners suck. And bolts are shit on the Hero Duet. Hero - you suck!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Finally a pagefile for linux get me working

I have told you in my last post that the 320GB old HDD failed to handle the works. Now today I was looking for some other solution. And I thought of swap file. Upon searching the internet I got to this solution.
So accordingly I created a 1G .swap file on the external HDD. Then using mkswap utility I formatted it to swap, and later using swapon utility mounted it as swap.
After this I checked the system opening multiple programs and testing the swapfile usage.
As of now I could open GMail and GDocs both in Firefox and the laptop has been smooth sailing so far. I know it cannot handle a lot of load. But for me this was the last use case. And I'm happy that its working with whatever limitations.
So that's all. This old Acer laptop does have some life in it yet.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The 320Gb WD HDD for filesystem

So like I mentioned in last post, I did find the old external HDD. And I installed Ubuntu Mate on it. 
Hmm. Didn't work out. The drive threw too many read errors. Screwed!!! 
Guess no google docs for me.