Thursday, March 15, 2018

.Net Solutions, DLL's, Build orders etc

Got to learn some new thinigs about Visual Studio today. Basically I wanted to build a library and integrate it into an existing solution. 
Steps: 1. Open Solution, Add new project of type "Class Library". Then create namespaces, classes, static library functions etc. Build it. Build OK, DLL ready.
Step 2: In other project ( where DLL is to be used), Add reference, Browse, Select Newly created DLL. Add using for DLL namespace. Call function in DLL. Call OK. Build this project. 
Hiccup! Issue no 1: DLL project was using newer .Net version while other project (Lets say App project) was using slightly older version and so it's build was giving error - Type or namespace for Library namespace not found. 
Bit of googling gave me solution. So set Lib's .Net version to same as App. Build OK. 
Next step: Verify solution is building correctly. For this there's something called build order to consider. For this in VS there's a setting - "Project Build Order...". This can be reached after right clicking on Solution in Solution Explorer. 
This opens a small dialog box where you can setup project dependencies and with correct dependencies appropriate build order is prepared. Here I set the app project to be dependent on Lib and the build order was updated accordingly. Voilla! 
So I rebuilt the solution and it all worked out great! 
Feels good when things work without much fuss!!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Maybe nothing can fix it [SailfishOS Enterprise WiFi]

So yesterday I re-updated my AquaFish from to and then to This halfway update was because is a major update and we can't directly update from to So instead we have to update in steps. 
Anyway, just reached office and checked the connection. Sadly nothing! I checked dmesg output and there was a boatload of vos_malloc errors. So looks like there's some bug somewhere where something critically dies and the connection fails. 
Anyway my curiosity is satisfied. Maybe the one working connection instance I observed was a fluke, a mere chance, an aberration and looks like the universe has fixed it! 
Alas! Sometimes we can do with some error! Cheers!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Jolla Recovery - last resort for Enterprize WiFi bug

So today I decided to take the plunge and completely reset my Aquafish to recovery image to see if I can get the enterprize WiFi working.
A bit of background: SFOS did not support Enterprize WiFi using TLS etc back in In 3.1.2 I guess, they added support for that. I have Work WiFi at office that uses TLS with MSChapV2. And on 3.1.2(or whatever that release was), I did manage to connect to my Work WiFi once. The Captive portal login appeared in SFOS browser, I logged in and was able to access the internet. But after that one time it never connected.
So I reset Jolla, upgraded once again and tried but to no avail. Now Recovery image reset is something else. It does not just reset the settings. But rather wipes out the partitions and writes partitions from recovery image.
The process is straight forward. Remove the battery and after inserting use [power] + [vol+] button to power device in Recovery Mode. The phone displays message to conenct to PC using USB cable and ssh to it's recovery IP.
I used ubuntu for this and it worked brilliantly. The phone is reset to Lets update and see if Enterprize WiFi works or not! Cheers!