Wednesday, October 19, 2016

E-Governance experiences in India

For last few years computerization has become common in all government departments and we can do a number of tasks online. 
Last few days I had different encounters with a few government systems here around. I'll summarize my experience as below. 

1. Online Tenant Registration

I'm living at present in a rented apartment. Recently I was looking at a new vehicle purchase and one condition was the tenant should be registered at nearest police station. Being lazy, I looked up if there is anything online for this. Funnily enough, there is a website: It was started two years back on the outset of "German Bakery Blasts" and "26/11 Mumbai Attacks". The website when I tried to access was down. I tracked the registration and found out one probitysoft maintaining it. I found mail of the registering person and fired an email to that person. I didn't get any reply or acknowledgment, but the website miraculously came online. I went through the options and checked the various operations. 
It looked functional enough, but me being the pessimistic type decided to go visit the police station. It didn't turn out that exciting but anyway this is one story of eGovernance.

2. Online Tax Payment and RTS queries

This is from KalyanDombivali Municipal Corporation website. They had an old system 4 years back which was okay'ish. But the payment options were dreadful with only 2-3 banks supported. So couple of years back they revitalized the whole thing and computerized a number of departments. 
The new system is up to date, is easy to use and is not an eyesore. For this I must give credit to the developers and the corporate admins who helped put this together. 
The payment part now uses two payment processors techprocess and billdesk which means anybody - I mean totally anybody can perform an online payment. I have been using this system to pay property taxes for one of my properties there and it's worked fine. A good example of eGovernance. 
But that's just one part. Recently I have to use their RTS functionality - this one for getting online No-Dues certificate. The process is straightforward. You fill an online form, pay 15Rs online, and you get a ticket whose status you can see online. 
You get an SMS on your registered phone no when the request is processed, then you can download the certificate from the website. As simple as that. If you have any dues, you can pay them right away and continue to filling the form. 
Brilliant. I got the certificate within two days as promised. This is a really good example of eGovernance. 
To look at it this way, since I do not live in the city it would have taken me one leave, about INR 500/- for travel and a lot of physical discomfort to get this done. But with this online facility, it's all saved. 

So from these experiences you can see that more and more eGovernance is needed. Lets hope the government puts more and more functionality on the computers.

Update on Intex AquaFish

Last one week I explored AquaFish more. Found some nifty things too. PC Connection is great and working fine. I can send files to and from AquaFish well enough. Most of my media plays fine on AquaFish. 
I checked the events view and there were some options regarding to customizing the Quick Toggles or the WiFi/BlueTooth etc buttons. I added brightness control there since it seems like the natural needed option there. 
Besides this I successfully enabled developer mode and managed to connect the phone to installed Sailfish SDK and managed to run coupe of examples on the phone. One problem I faced was the SDK won't connect the phone when I tried connecting the SSH thingie(???) over USB itself. But then I connected both my laptop and AquaFish to WiFi and used the WiFi IP of AquaFish in Sailfish SDK, and debugging worked fine then. Don't know what the real issue is. 
Anyway, going forward I side-loaded some APK's and tried to install few Android Apps like Flipkart, Amazon, WPS Office (I use this for PDF reading, the night mode is blessing), 7Zipper, MXPlayer etc. Out of these MXPlayer and 7Zip failed to install. Others installed and worked fine enough for my small use.
Overall I'm having continued good experience here. Hoping it lasts in the future.
My goal is to port my newly developed Income/Expense Tracking app to Sailfish. Lets see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Using Git with github

For last couple of weeks I am working on a small Income/Expense tracking application. It's a small pet project of mine. It's main purpose is for me to get familiar with latest features in QML and code for various scenarios in a live app.
Recently I put together another point release for this - a version 0.3. Now I needed somewhere to keep track of it's development and manage changes better than a desktop folder and datewise backups. So I thought I should setup a Git repository for this.
So I created a github account and created a repository. To import my project into this, I tried to use a GUI Client, gitg which I thought would be easier to use than stumbling around the commands. 
Unfortunately gitg gave an error regarding .gitg-config something file. I didn't have time to shoot it down, so I used the five-six commands shown in github repository page to setup empty repository on PC. 

The commands are:

$echo "# UIApp" >>
$git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/vaibhav/Work/.git/
$git commit -m "first commit"

*** Please tell me who you are.


  git config --global ""
  git config --global "Your Name"

to set your account's default identity.
Omit --global to set the identity only in this repository.

fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'vaibhav@HP-Elite-7100-Microtower-PC.(none)')

$git config --global ""
$git commit -m "first commit"
$git push -u origin master

After going through these commands, I checked the repository on github, the first commit was visible. 
OK. Now I copied project files from other folder. Then opened repository with gitg.
Now gitg showed it correctly. The new files were shown as unstaged. So I added them to staged and tried to commit. Gitg asked for updated author info. I went to Author info dialog and updated my name. After this I tried to commit again. This time commit was done. But this was a local commit, and I couldn't find anyway from github to sync this to github master repository.
So I tried following command, it worked and it was synced with master branch at github.

$git push -u origin master

Now my project is on GitHub at: