Thursday, May 10, 2018

ZTE is shutting down due to sanctions...

It was a striking news. ZTE is indeed shutting down major operations due to US sanctions. We have a Nubia Z9 mini in house. So I'm thinking what effect could it have on this phone?

Thankfully it's already served us about 2.5Yrs and with recent reset of stock firmware, it's going well as my sister conveyed. I have also given my sister a flip cover for decent protection. So it looks like the phone should last another year. I had doubts about the internal battery, but so far it's going decent. The health is around 80% which is not bad at all.

But this is a good lesson in purchasing hardware. I guess I'm not buying any Huawei hardware anymore, since they are also named in a number of spying and data theft scandals. Thankfully with the vibrant phone ecosystem, that still leaves us a number of options like Samsung, LG, Sony etc. And then there are smaller players like OnePlus etc. I'm thinking what about Xiaomi? Has anybody found if they are spying on the customers? I don't know! Lets google!!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

An Upgrade report on Ubuntu 18.04

I had Ubuntu 17.10 on my Office Laptop. And I managed to get couple of hours of free time on my hands. So decided to upgrade it. I had 2-3 DE's on it i.e Unity, Gnome, Mate etc.

The upgrade went well. It downloaded ~2300 packages and took about 45 minutes to wrap up everything. Of course I had quite a few things installed. Then I rebooted and used it for 3-4 hours. I am pleased to tell that almost everything works fine.

It has even retained Unity and it's working fine via Unity session. The Ubuntu session loads Unity themes Gnome. It's mouse movement is a bit wild, but it's smooth. Of course not as smooth as Unity but still good enough.

Everything else is good. Congrats Canonical on another solid release!

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