Tuesday, June 8, 2010

card Tickets Vs E-Tickets

Today's 20 Min's journey from home to office was a little more than interesting. The bus was full as usual. I stood hanging at the back. The conductor looked cheering than normal. I thought - must've been bored to death with crowded buses and endless ticketing. But what the heck. Anyway it all didn't make much sense till last ten min's when the good fellow reached the back of the bus.

He was frustrated with the e-ticketing machine and he did get couple of wrong tickets. Once he got out a ticket of Rs. 10 for one asked of Rs. 6. And another time he got similarly wrong ticket.

He said he was very frustrated with the job. he was an honest fellow but the PMPML (Formerly PMT - Pune Municipal Transport ) got so many crooks in the administration that the buses are not let out on time. At times there are 4-5 buses leaving for same destination at once. And other times there's no bus for an hour or so.
He also added that these e-ticketing machines were added because management thought the conductors are stealing PMT's money. It's partially true - there are a few crooks. But it doesn't justify dumping the old - efficient and cost effective system for a new costly system which is not reliable. As a Software Developer and Computer Geek I'd my share of experiences with faulty machines. And I know the kind of frustration and demotivation it can do to us. He allegedly said that the new tickets cost 13ps each while old punching tickets cost 1ps only.

Perhaps he's right, and PMT's management's looting PMT (and consequently the public) under label of e-management. Or perhaps he's a bit frustrated with things and is not able to handle the complexity of the e-ticketing machine. Well people you can take a crack at this. And hope someone'll dig deeper in this whole mess that's PMPML.

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