Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going deeper in Linux

I started with Linux as an amateur. I was interested in options (I always am and I believe in multiple backups BTW), and I was tired of Windows 98. It was back in 2002. I started on a P4 1.8GHz.

Wait a minute, I've used a 486 before that but I just played doom on that at my cousin's home back in my village. So I started with the 1.8GHz Pentium 4 and 128 MB Ram on a i845 mainboard. It was okay machine, I could play some games too. But windows 98 was hell of unstable.

Win2k was coming around to stability but it was too much effort to go at it. Anyway I was too much into Magazines then and so I came to know about Linux. As one self declared geek I attacked with greed. (We all geeks are just like that!) So I tried a few Live CD's like knoppix, slackware. It was good trying out new things. jumping around obstacles. Way more geeky.

So couple years went by, things messed around. I went through engg. (Or vice versa, I seriously don't know which.) So I lost focus. I kept myself updated about latest happenings but it was just that.

And now I'm full, deep, playing with things like kernel compilations, cross-compilation, ARM Architecture, peripherals. Sadly as a company we are not going far, but personally I've gone much far than I'd ever thought.

Now's time for me to take an Initiative and gear up but the hardware's still coming. Except new songs and new movies nothing's coming upstream. Perhaps that's why I'm doing so much these days and things are so slow.

Well, lets settle down a bit and wait for some gold to flow (and accumulate) in my accounts and then everything'll come. Hope's a stinker. But then it's not supposed not to be.


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