Thursday, June 10, 2010


You might wonder what the heck is a post doing with a title of documentation. And rightfully so. Even I also wondered what the heck am I going to write here. But then I blanked my mind for couple of minutes and thoughts started crowding about in my mind. various thoughts.

I remembered various documentations I've done in my life. all those private diaries. Those unreleased private transcripts. The assignments, notes, project documentations. Lots of writing. I felt proud. Yes, I've written so much and today also I'm writing. Well right now I'm working on some documentation too. I'm working on my company's flagship product's documentation. Well, rightfully though it's not my job. My job is to write code. But small company, limited horsepower...(horse??? Oops manpower). And so you need to put on a number of hats, do a number of jobs.

So anyway the joy of creation is still there, and the doc's coming nicely. I'll post it somewhere when the said product is officially released. On personal front yes, there's some private documentation's going on too. I do that since many times I need to have reasons for my actions. I need to remember the situation. And for me every decision is usually a conscious decision. And so it helps knowing why I did what I did - especially somewhere in future.

On other fronts things are going okay. Not much trouble here. The society is peaceful. Travel with public transport is still Pain in the backside. And I'm yet to get my Limo(you don't believe I'm getting a limo. Well, Me neither. And it's just a dream anyway, and I'll probably shift into the Limo saving Rs. 2k of rent. Haha.)
So things are good overall. Be back with something interesting.

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