Monday, November 7, 2016

A quest for returns from Foodpanda for failed payment

Update: Finally after couple more follow-ups the refund was initiated and delivered to my account three days ago. It was interesting to see the lack of processes at Foodpanda and it does not give me much confidence. Mainly because they depend most on their CC Execs to keep track of things and the requests do get missing as I found out with my refund. Anyway at least I got the refund.
I have been a loyal customer of foodpanda for about two years. For single IT professionals having the food delivered at doorstep is a boon especially when you are exhausted after a 12-14Hr workday and just not wanting to go out for food. Having food home delivery services like Foodpanda, Swiggy, JustEat etc helps a lot in maintaining peace of mind.
But then once in a while that peace of mind gets eaten up when any of them screw up. 
I have had my experiences dealing with unprofessional and lousy restaurants, delivery screw-ups and what not. But that has been generally rare experience and we have ensured we gave crap ratings after such. So overall it's been a positive experience with foodpanda and their customer care has been okayish in dealing with order related mishaps. 
Now what I'm talking here about is something different - online payment. There have been couple of occasions when online payment failed due to various reasons - like network issues, payment processor issues etc. And we had to get through Foodpanda's customer care which was helpful in getting the refunds processed. It did work. And I was satisfied. But there were couple of payment failed issues last few orders where I had a negative experience. Refer below mail:

17-10-2016 21:00
from me to Foodpanda Customer Care
I have returns pending for following three orders:
1. 15/08/16 first payment failed so I retried the payment and this time it was successful. But no refunds.
2. 04/09/16. Similar story. No refunds.
I firgot to check foe the returns for these two orders in time.
3. 13/10/2016. First payment failed with timeout error. I had a customer care person place another order with Cod Option. Its more than said 48 hrs and yet refunds are not in the account.
Please help.

17-10-2016 21:01
from Foodpanda Customer Care to me

Hi vaibhav,

Thank you for contacting foodpanda Customer Support.

Your request number is # 13289930. We strive to answer all e-mail support requests within eight business hours.

For urgent issues or modifications in your order please contact us directly on our Live Chat at or give us a call on 0124-6149200.

Best regards,

Your foodpanda Customer Care team

18-10-2016 16:42
From foodpanda Customer Care to me

Dear Mr. Dalvi,

Thank you for writing to us.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our notice. We are committed to resolving your concern with utmost priority. Post investigation I found that due to a technical issue with the payment gateway the amount was deducted from your account and order was not processed.

As per our telephonic conversation, we have initiated the refund against the order id: n0dp-r4as which was not successfully placed due to the online payment issue. You will receive another confirmation mail within 24 to 48 hours. Be assured it will be credited to your respective bank account within 5 to 7 business days. Furthermore, payment of order v8tx-m6ol 4th September, 2016 and 15th August, 2016 was already reversed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this situation. Please be assured that you will receive the refund as per the given timelines.

Looking forward to serving you and enhance your experience with foodpanda.

Najmul Hasan
Happy Food Ordering!

Now it's about a fortnight since and it's 07-11-2016. No returns, no communication. Foodpanda has lost one customer who would have brought them hundreds of rupees in business, but if for the 200 odd rupees they would have returned.

Foodpanda! Not Happy Food Ordering! Never Happy! 
Panda Sucks!!!

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