Monday, November 21, 2016

Nokia C5-00 5MP - from Yr 2012

We all have those relic phones which are replaced by yourself/cousins/relatives and ended up with you as secondary or tertiary phone. This was the phone I gifted my sister as her primary phone in 2012. She used it for about two years, then she wanted a big touchscreen phone so I got her an entry level droid. And so the Nokia was discarded as a secondary. The entry level droid  - a chinese knock-off by a local company is still kicking after about two years and a battery replacement, but now this Nokia has ended up with me. Funny part is I love this phone. it's small and simple. Gives very good battery life. Is a pleasure to use  -all these buttons. And is a good mp3 player too - again thanks to all the buttons I don't have to take it out of pocket to skip to next song. 
Well, I have been using this as my secondary device for about a year now. I charge it maybe once a week, have all my contacts on it - took me a painful evening to send them one by one using bluetooth. I'm laizy enough that I did not bother setting up Nokia PC Suite and what not. But now it has all my contacts - at least the important ones, I keep a nano-SIM adapter since my other phone uses all nano-SIMs. And that's it! Really! 
It's a novelty to use all these buttons and keys. It's a different kind of experience where you mostly do things by the feel of physical buttons and not look all around the screen and hunt for soft-keys and menus. Here you know, you press call end button and you are going to go to homescreen, while on my droid it gets stuck in the transition once in a while. This is the solidity of Symbian - no crashes seen yet. While on the droid the other day a nightly update put it in bootloop. Hangs and crashes are common even when using Stable ROMs and heck, even with Stock Firmware. I would use The Nokia if I could forego the Contacts sync and the few apps that I use - Whatsapp. Bigger problem is this phone does not have WiFi support, so I'll be almost offline unless I activated a cellular data package. But they are costly so I would forego data too, which would make this a dumb phone as far as I'm concerned and to that end I have another Nokia - a terrible terrible entry level Nokia 1280 whose only feature is a LED Torch - god bless!!! 

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