Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Intex Aqua Fish Update

Not much happened for last couple of weeks. I was busy with things to work on the app porting. But three days ago I tried something to get the latest update. Here's the story with the background. 

The background: 
Intex Aqua Fish is a Sailfish OS phone with partner space enabled. What that means is whenever there's any update by Jolla e.g. Fiskarsinjoki v2.0.4.14, you don't get it right away on Aqua Fish. It goes to Intex and then after validation it reaches you. 

Anyway as you all know Aqua Fish is just clone of Jolla C, I decided to try out some
tinkering on my own. My inspiration is following link:

So after reading the steps, the provided script, and the comments carefully and multiple times, I started with the script. 

The script failed saying I had some conflicting packages. So after going over instructions of how to clear out the offending packages in about half an hour I had Jolla packages on my phone replacing Intex packages. 

Next I restarted phone (why? Because with computers it's a good idea to reboot them once in a while, and especially when you tinker with the system to see nothing's got broken.)

And after that I connected phone to my home WiFi and checked software update - and there it was Fiskarsinjoki. Took a while to download since the update is hefty 400MB, but then it was installed and the phone rebooted. 

Feels great to run the latest and greatest. Keep up the good work Jolla. 


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  2. Intex reality

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