Saturday, May 14, 2011

Me n Ubuntu in Yr. 2020

Oooooh, I can imagine myself working on some obscure code while standing in front of my monitor which is connected to my Desktop Rig which has Latest Ubuntu 20.10 with 4D Unity 3.0. I'm using hand (and leg, perhaps a tail too if I manage to grow one by then) gestures to modify something and unity's all sparkling and moving things around. And yeah it's got a voice too. And then there are global menus that announce some (again!) 4D notifications about my neighbor (she) out sunbathing, my dog (lewdly) observing her, and Unity telling me - "Hun, the dog won't listen!"(Virtual pout!)
Yeah that's Vaibhav D for you, (a)live from Yr 2020 just 8 yrs ahead.

Actually from my POV (Point of View - for non geeks), I see [read : Daydream] myself working on a next gen machine which'll be able to learn! I'll teach it Software Engineering and couple of languages to play with and it'll write my programs. It'll use a high powered thousands (if not millions) core processor. It'll use membrane memory (doesn't exist), and it'll like movies (so that it'll watch all movies that are released and rate them and download the best ones. :D Cheeky!) It'll have robotic extensions that will help it manage my home and it'll have a voice that will be sweet. [LOL now if I say it'll have boobs too, then you can say I am goner now! But no, I'll hold on.]

Well nothing's gonna change so much. At most I'll end with an Apple iPAD and test games on it. (Using cheats, trainers of course!). So that's it. Life in (Near???) future. Not much interesting!

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