Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting on a lighter side

Until yesterday I had Linux Mint 10 Julia as my Backup OS of choice but finally I have gotten tired of it too. Need something light - feather light, something that doesn't let you do much but is fast and does the few things with aplomb that it does do!
Is there any answer to this question? Of course in world of Linux there's an answer to each and everything. I haven't yet reached to a level where I would start with a Minimal install and build upwards from there so I picked up Linux Mint XFCE Edition. It's light - lighter than Win XP. E.g. XP eats ~150MB at startup but mint takes 25Megs less. The speed is seen to be believed. There are no fancy effects but then if we are looking for snappy desktop who needs smoothly opening windows?

Will this sate my thirst for speed? No definitely not. Unless I get to Instant ON thingie I won't be satisfied - but that would mean Always ON Machine. Funny how we get somewhere with a little bit of logic. You might wonder why I have given LXDE a side door, but I don't like LXDE much. It feels shiny as compared to XFCE.
Have you watched "The Adjustment Bureau"? Recall the difference between shiny shoes and slightly scuffed shoes? Perhaps that's what I see between LXDE and XFCE. BTW The Adjustment Bureau was a nice movie.

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