Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow! I never thought I would be continuing this small venture for so long. Like many of my other experiments I had thought I would be spending some time on this and move on. But I found out that I am fond of writing. Since some time I have been writing but that was only for myself.
I never shared those wonderful things. Perhaps because I'm paranoid as hell or I'm just not as forthcoming. Anyway, I am glad today that I'm still here writing these words to you. Lot many things have happened during last year. I got my own Laptop, I used it brutally - 100+ fresh installations in six months is not an easy thing for any hardware. Today it's meager 250GB HDD is overflowing with stuff and since I have dedicated my 320GB Portable WD Passport for movies, there's no solution to this. Perhaps one day I'll sit and deal with the junk.
I changed 2 jobs and still I am here and I plan to be here. I learned a number of new things - Qt, PHP, JQuery, Advanced C++, MySQL and I have plans to learn many more things. I am still single - and much happier than anybody might think. I made a number of new friends and I disconnected from a few people's lives as well. See, you can't keep connected to everybody all the time. So people management is an important thing.
There is a dearth of opportunities in this world and we go only so far as we want to go. I want to go beyond the stars and I am not afraid of the void. Will I go so far? Let's discuss that next year, if I am still here! :D

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