Friday, May 27, 2011

Importing RSS feed into Facebook as My Notes - 2011

I was using Yahoo Pipes to club together posts from my two blogs and put them to Facebook. Recently I was playing with Pipes and messed up the Pipe for both blogs. This stopped the feed on Facebook. I have continuous updates here than my other photography related blog so I thought I would connect only this blog to Facebook! To do this I went to Facebook's Notes section and I couldn't find the Import Link. I searched around. I turned the corners. I looked in the dark. And I looked under the mountain too. No settings, no import,no nothing!
I turned up to Google and after half an hours search still couldn't find it! Wow, I said!
Then I thought to look into places it shouldn't be. So from My Notes i.e. Facebook Home > Notes > My Notes page I clicked Write A Note [Button at the top right corner of middle column]. Here I looked around, and clicked on My Notes in the left column. And Aaha! I found the sacred "Edit Import Settings " link at the bottom in left column under the heading "Subscribe". Click it and it takes you to the settings for the RSS feed. I changed them here to the default feed address for this blog and Yeah! Got it!
UI Design is not a simple thing!

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