Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kubuntu 11.04 - The horror of KDE Continues

I installed Kubuntu 11.04 on day one on a test machine because in my organization we use it as the OS of choice(I keep my organization in my prayers! LOL). I have been using it since then on regular basis. The machine I have here is an AMD Sempron 2.7 GHz on a NVidia mainboard with integrated graphics. (Yeah I hear that groan! ) So anyway I had thought I am prepared and there'll be a few problems and a few crashes. The user experience would suck and overall I would have only headache albeit small.

2 weeks later I am here writing this post in Reconque - Yeah Firefox 4 keeps crashing every 6th minute, and I have seen quite a few crashes. Some of notable few as follows: 

1. Desktop effects are enabled by default and if you disable them you can't enable them. Note: I didn't have NVidia Proprietary Drivers installed at this point. 
2. Now why would I want to disable Desktop Effects? I have a few applications developed on here, and couple of them started giving me horrible X Errors with every imaginable error code and the apps had slowed down considerably. (E.G. One of the apps that would open at a snap, would throw thousands of X errors and would take ~3Mins to load.) 
3. I opened a terminal in Dolphin and Bash shell crashed! 
4. Plasma Desktop has crashed at least 8-10 times - both before installing NVidia Proprietary Drivers and after.
5. Reconque also has crashed about 10 times - I have used it about 60 times though. 
6. Many other apps have crashed intermittently. 
7. When I booted the PC using Live CD of this kubuntu release, the installer hanged twice. 
8. When I tried this on my Laptop, somehow it turned my laptop screen's backlight off! Had to restart it, but next time everything was fine. 
9. Thankfully there weren't major overhauls in the settings etc so this release felt like they have just changed the wallpaper and left all the unstable components as they were alongwith new Qt 4.7. 
10. If I leave this organization tomorrow you can attribute 10% of my reasons to this OS! (Just Kiddin', I have used worse things than this. Got a 5 yr old Celeron 2.5GHz / 128M desktop back home, on which I have tried Win 7!) :D

So overall I am not much disappointed in latest KDE which keeps the tradition of uselessness alive. 

p.s. I am switching to xfce! Planning on how to replace LM10. I'm not gonna miss you LM10 Julia. :D

Update 1:  I have also noticed that the download speed of packages decreases down to 2-3 KBPS after some time when using both apt-get and KPackageKit. Don't know what's wrong! Perhaps al ot of things are wrong!
BTW I am using Opera now. Thought about trying Chrome but am too tired! 

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