Friday, March 25, 2011

A Docky Experience

It looks nice, isn't it? I wanted to try Docky for a long time. But since it's very closely integrated in Gnome 3.0 / Gnome Do that kept me from trying it on. But today I was feeling very adventurous. So I installed it and spent some time adjusting it to fit my needs.

 1.  After installing and starting we get a doc at the top. I moved it to bottom. I also dragged my favorites from KDE's Launcher to this dock. I found the 200% zoom to be horrible so I adjusted it to 130% for aesthetics and I also reduced the font size to 34 Pix. On my 15" widescreen 1280x768 monitor this makes sense. On a larger monitor the defaults might make more sense.
2. I created a new dock from the Docky Preferences and added clock and the CPU/Memory meter to that. I decided to hang this on on right edge. Then I set hiding to Window Dodge for the bottom dock n Intellihide for the one on right.
3. Until now I had a fully working panel at the bottom. So I deleted task manager/ clock from there and put it in top right corner. I also reduced it's size. It now has only the Launcher, Show Desktop, KTorrent n Calender. I added calender later so it's not visible in the screen grab above.

So that's all about me using docky, n it's looking better and 200% geeky.
P.S. My preference though will be still for AWN, I can't find System Tray on Docky and I can see it's not made as complete replacement for Gnome (or any other) Panel.

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