Saturday, March 19, 2011

C/C++ Audio Tutorials/ Notes

Many of us spend quite a while in commute.
I myself spend about 2 hours each day in commuting from home to office and back. Now I usually listen to songs this time - and the only time I get to listen to them.
Seriously, between work, commute, sleep and little pastime on computer I don't get any time for studies. So I thought I would try and get some audio tutorials/ lectures and I can listen to them while commuting. This is great for revising stuff. And I need a lot of revising of things like C/ C++, because there are so many concepts that we hardly use but are important since the interviewer asks them! So I started with google search and queried for C C++ audio tutorials lectures. I got nil hits for audio but found some video tutorials for C++ on YouTube at :

After going through them I found out they are good video tutorials, and great for learning programming but the concepts etc I was searching for are nowhere to be found.
I don't give up so easily though, and I searched more with different keywords and checked a lot of results. But by end of an hour I was still nil with useful results.
So I guess I am stuck now, and I'll have to prepare my own notes - er, Audio Notes. This is going to be quite a project. Wish me luck!

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