Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Selection Cropping an Image in GIMP

There are many times when we need to quickly a part of an image to paste somewhere or upload on a website or mail to a contact. usually we try to use the available photo manager to do this and it's quite simple. But a number of times we need to crop the image to a specific resolution and using trial and error with the photo manager sucks. 
So in this situation we can use GIMP for this. Let's see how:

The Process: 
It's simple! 
1. Open the image using GIMP:

2. Select Region:

Select "Rectangle Select Tool" from Palette and select a region in the image. 

3. Adjust Selection: 

You can move mouse cursor to the sides of the rectangle and adjust it on the four sides. Look at the bottom to see the size of the rectangle(Rounded in Yellow in screen grab below).

4. Create new image of the selected area: 

Now press [ctrl]+[c] to copy the selected rectangle (OR Right click on selected rectangle and click copy in the context menu). Next Press [ctrl]+[shift]+[v] to paste the copied image into a new image. 

5. Save the cropped image:

Now press [ctrl]+[s] to save the new image. A quick tip here - if you are tired of scrolling the list of formats, you can just type the file name in the name box with proper extension and GIMP saves the file appropriately. E.G. I typed in 1.jpg and hit [Enter]. GIMP presented me with couple of dialogs with quality settings. You can leave the defaults as they are and so couple of [Enter]'s later I had my cropped image saved in Documents folder. 

That's the image by the way behind the header as of now! 

There's also simple scaling facility available in GIMP which you can check out by going to "Image Menu"->"Scale Image". This is very useful for creating Mobile Wallpapers etc. Please try it out and let me know.

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