Thursday, February 10, 2011

Namya's going to get trained!!!

I found this mail in my yahoo mail inbox - remember filling a form on some website few months ago, never thought they were this serious about it!

Hi Chandu,

Yesterday, I sent you an email explaining why
I'll train Namya for free.

Since then, tons of people have written me asking
if this was 'for real'.

The answer is: YES!

I'll flat out GIVE you my ENTIRE Pug
Lovers Membership Site for free if Namya
isn't magically transformed into a dream dog.

It's all here in black and white:

I have more than 52,000 happy customers worldwide.
My newsletters and Blog sites are read by hundreds of
thousands of people around the world.

So plain and simple, I KNOW my training will
work for Namya, and I totally
guarantee it.

Namya becomes a wonder-dog, or you get
all your money back.  AND you can keep my entire
course for free.

(Maybe you'll have a friend who might like it.)

So why am I 'putting it all on the line' and making
this offer to you?

Because so many other Pug owners JUST LIKE YOU
tried my system and now their Pug problems are
gone forever.

You can see how this happened here:

Maybe you've tried obedience classes
with Namya and you've had no luck.

Maybe you've bought a zillion training
 for Namya .. and they've all
been duds.

I *KNOW* what that's like. And all I can say is this:


See, most training systems are dead-wrong.

In fact, I'd say about 99% of training
techniques will actually make Namya's
behavior WORSE ...instead of better.

I list some of the 'biggies' here:

My point is this:

If you're having a hard time getting Namya
trained, it's OK.

Don't give up.  I've been there and there IS
light at the end of the tunnel.

That's a big reason I created my revolutionary training
system and made it available to Pug
owners like you.

You can read about it here:

It's really simple, and it's all about having FUN
with your Pug.

Give it a try today.  If you and Namya
aren't overjoyed with my Membership Site, let me
know and I'll give you all of your money
back I'll let you keep EVERYTHING

Either way, you and Namya come out
on top :-)

To see exactly what you'll get out of this Membership
Site, and why it's a perfect choice for
training Namya, visit:

Talk soon,

Nancy Richards

P.S. You pay ONLY once and you get a lifetime Membership
to my website. There are no hidden costs, no annual renewals
and you can enjoy the tips and strategies right from your home.

You don't have to travel anywhere, and you won't have to go
out of your house. That's so convenient, isn't it?

Try my Pug Lovers Membership Site at:
Suite No 1010,
8721 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90069-4507

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