Saturday, February 12, 2011

Resume/ CV (Re)design

Every prospective JobSeeker want's his Resume/CV to be great to look at, vary presentable, and precisely presenting themselves. A superior Resume /CV also increases your chances for the job by highlighting you skills/ experience etc. 

I recently went through a CV overhaul. I was looking around at all those fantastic Resumes and I thought why not have one of these? Okay it was more on the lines of - Damn, I need to get my Resume swanked up! Or nobody would notice me! So I hunted on the internet for some catchy ideas that will give me the boost I sorely wanted. 

Here's a small list of Possible Prospects. And they are swanky!!! 

Anyway so I took a look at my old resume. You can view it here! And I could see that it wasn't representing me properly. I had experience in my field but the whole arrangement of data was making it look like I was busy with several somethings while working on this particular document.  

Once again I fired up google - and started searching in overdrive. After going through a number of possible solutions I settled on this one!

It's basically a clean design with light lines and precisely arranged data that is easy on eyes and all the required things are very close to the eyes. One look at this and the person will know my key skills and experience and that's what matters most. So now I have a new resume - let's hope it improves my chances at that Dream Job!

Ah! Here's my own Resume that I prepared from the above template. 

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