Monday, August 2, 2010

Three guys die and go to heaven

Once three guys die and go to heaven. God welcomes them to heaven and says "People, you'll get a car while you're in heaven. Tell me whether you were faithful to your wife or not and I'll give you a car accordingly."
First guy looks up and says "Dear god, I've never cheated on my wife." God smiles and says "I know. Here's a Rolls Royce for you."
Second guy smiles nervously and says "Dear God, I've cheated on my wife couple of times. But I always took care of her." God smiles and says "It's okay. Here's your Ford. "
Third guy doesn't look up. God looks at him and says "I know you were not at all faithful with your wife. You'll get this shaggy buggy of your grandma's time."

The guys leave.

After 3-4 weeks, last two guys meet up near a bar and find the first guy's rolls Royce in the parking. They decide to move in and check on him. But to their surprise they find him completely drunk with whole lot of empty bottles around him. They feel concerned and go and ask him why is he drinking so much.

The first guy looks up and says, "I saw my wife on a bicycle today."

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