Monday, August 30, 2010

One week of Laptop Pt. 2

Hi everybody,
After an exhausting weekend I'm back here to tell you the remaining tale of the day.
Yeah, so we took a look at the Win XP and Ubuntu Lucid installationa on my e-machines e727. The remaining two OSes are Windows 7 and Kubuntu. Obviously these are hobby installs I don't need any more than two OSes at once.
3. Windows 7: 
Windows 7 has come to be a very good OS when compared to the junk that was Vista. Well there are things that windows can't do - like shutting down in 4 seconds like Ubuntu or starting up in about 10 seconds which again Lucid manages effortlessly. But still windows 7 is far better OS in windows stable. The install went smooth. And the OS booted with most of the things working. I needed the Video, LAN and Wireless drivers to be installed using the Resource CD that I got with my Laptop.

(Oh - There is one small incident I would like to share with you. My landlord's Son bought a Dell Precision N1510 with Win 7 Home Business 64Bit. He needed Win 7 32Bit installed on it to run some of his 3D design apps. We installed win7 32bit. But when we popped in the drivers CD we found that all the drivers provided there are only for 64bit win7. Poor bugger had to go driver-hunting the net. Luckily they were available on Dell's website. But still more than 2 hours were wasted while downloading all of them. I believe it's a case of lack of customer consciousness at Dell. The 32 Bit drivers must be there. Or should we interpret that Dell is trying to influence our usage of OSes. Use 64Bit OS and Not 32Bit?)
Anyway, Win7 runs great, although it takes about 480MB of memory and is throwing some stupid access protection warnings when I try to access files on my Win XP's partition. I believe that's a sign of windows getting mature(Or perhaps trying to imitate other OSes who have far better mechanisms at access protection.) Well, I'm happy with win7. Would switch to it fully in next 4-5 years. (Or in next 2 years to win8 if it's better enough.)

4 Kubuntu 10.04: 
You must wonder I've already installed Ubuntu Lucid, so why am I installing Kubuntu. The reason is there's quite a bit of difference between Gnome and KDE. I wanted to feel this difference. I wanted to know how are things on KDE's end.
The install was without major fuss and after restarting the machine I was given the all too familiar bland KDE desktop. And trust me it looks KDE, not Kubuntu. The distro sucks if you were to go at it as it is. The colors are overbright, flashy, glowing, there is not much contrast, there is not much beauty, the themes suck, the ~500MB footprint sucks. The notifications are awkward, the systray is a mess. And the gadgets are awful.
Now that's what was my first impression.
But I'm working on that. Day by day I'm digging Kubuntu's entrails and soon I'll have a beautiful and functional desktop. I'll drop some screen-shots here once I finish some preliminary work of going through it's settings. But functionality wise it's very good. And if you spend some time on it's look and feel department you'll love it. And Kubuntu is as fast as Ubuntu. Hmm, faster than win7. Good.

So thats my first week with my Laptop. It's a humble machine but yeah it ought to start doing crazy things like me in a while. Unfortunately I'll keep THOSE activities strictly under wraps.

P.S.: It's time to schedule every minute, every hour and every day once again. With this hectic lifestyle and not enough time, I'm going to concentrate on one thing at a time so next few updates are going to be small snippets of information trickling here bit by bit. Don't be disappointed though because life the way it is, is more of a disappoint in one way or other.
So dear Reader, I take your leave with a promise to come back here again.

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