Saturday, August 28, 2010

One week of Laptop Pt. 1

Wow! I didn't even noticed how this week flew by. Yeah, I was busy. Too much work. Too much hassle around. So many meetings, new schedules. And I am not even getting this Sunday off. Well, this got to suck, but yeah this is time I did something and I'm doing it.
I didn't go into high gear with my 727 though(that's my acer e-machine e727). I went on to install WinXP followed by Ubuntu 10.04, Kubuntu 10.04 and later (Just for the sake of it) Windows 7. And everything is running smooth as ever. 
1. WinXP SP2: The installation was as boring as usual. Took about half-an-hour and later a hour to install drivers and various essential apps. I had everything working fine and the RAM utilization was just 148MB/~980MB. That's definitely cool, except WinXP takes longest to boot up and shutdown. So just okay experience.
2. Ubuntu 10.04: This was also as boring as usual. (I've done a no of Ubuntu installations since this Jan'2010). Took about 20Mins and I had it up. Next I set-up  apt cacher. And then so many packages.... I was exhausted by couple of hours and still I didn't have everything I wanted Up and running.
One thing I noticed was that the brightness settings for LCD didn't work. After some searching I found out that the devices are arranged a bit different and where I should have a LCD, I had an OVGA. But the kompiz effects worked brilliantly and everything worked out of the box besides.

I'll update about remaining two next week........
Till then, happy weekend....

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