Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The case of our new Hero Duet and it's disappearing odometer

So we bought a new scooter couple months back. We bought it at my hometown because we don't have the necessary papers here in city. It's been sitting at home for a while and its winter these days. So the battery died. And we didn't have enough time to get it fixed, but we had to ride it to city. So the odometer disappeared and it kept coming back for a while but when the charge dropped it used to vanish. And it was all hilarious!!!!

Well to start, we (me and wifey) did not have any vehicle of our own. I never needed one and she never got hold of one. So few months back we decided to get one since we need it for moving around the city and travelling in buses is atrocious - costly and irritating due to all the small walks you need to do here and there.

So we asked around but the paperwork was stuck here and there. Wifey decided to buy one at our hometown. She goes there couple months back and buys one - a Hero Duet 110cc scooter cost us about INR 64,000/-. Good deal. Then it's couple of weeks till we get a number allotted and it's cleared from RTO passing. Then we have been scheduling a visit for a while so it's about two months by the time we get back.

But due to winter the battery is dead. Wife called up the dealer and asked for solution. He says he'll take about a week to replace the battery. We didn't have that time. So we decided to bring it to the city and get the battery replacement done here. While on the way we noticed these funny acts of the odometer.

The problem is the designers didn't seem to have considered the situation of the bike running with a dead battery. So the gauges remain dead most of the time. Then after running it for a while when the onboard alternator puts some charge in the battery - the odo comes to life and starts showing current speed, the digital display shows some km's etc. But then if you start any indicator/light it sucks up all the current and the odo goes dodo!!! :J After a while it comes back to life when the scooter has been running for a while. Totally funny!!

The biggest problem was we had to put it to main stand and then kick start it. Wifey doesn't have enough mass to kick start the motor, so it was me with sore right leg the next day.

Thankfully the scooter rides nice. The engine is good, got good pickup and is quite smooth. I guess it'll smoother out further by 1000KM. We have reached about 600KM by now. The shocks are nice and ride quality is great. The scooter is heavy at 116KG, but feels planted on highway even at 80KMPH. So looks to be good ride. Lets see how it works out after battery replacement and one more servicing.

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