Thursday, January 12, 2017

Raspberry Pi 3 Update - Raspbian working!!! Hurrah!!!

So finally last night I spent some time plumbing the software stuff together and got Raspbian working on the Raspberry Pi 3 board.
It needed some acrobatics but it did work. Below screenshot on my Ubuntu Laptop is the proof! J
The setup: 
Raspberry Pi 3 powered using Portronics 5v 2.3A power adapter connected to ethernet on  a Tenda N301 router. I don't have a HDMI display yet so I'm sort of using vnc for this. I'm using Raspbian on a 8GB SanDisk SD Card. 

The things I had to do:
1. Prep SD Card with Raspbian - straight forward using standard instructions on Linux. - All OK.
2. Power up the Pi 3 and use ethernet to connect it to the Tenda. - All OK.  
3. SSH to the Pi: Had to fumble a bit here but finally got around to it using a solution on - A bit iffy but Okayish.
4. VNC: Straight forward using inbuilt vncserver. Needed to install RealVNC client on Laptop. But then worked fine. - All OK with one download.

And voilla I could see the Pixel desktop. 

The things I tried: Opened LibreOffice, browser and file manager. Checked a number of files. Played some videos. 

Experience: Desktop is fast enough. Office, Browser OK. Could not find PDF viewer. OmxPlayer did play the videos and musics, but without HDMI, there's no video to be seen. OK. System OK otherwise. Maybe will get faster if I move the rootfs to even faster storage like an external HDD. 

BTW my 1TB WD My Passport external HDD did work fine without any changes needed to config. Apparently the Pi 3 maybe gives more current to the USB ports or maybe whatever 600mA it was getting is enough for this HDD. Huh!
That's it. Detailed posts follow for each steps of this adventure!!!

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