Friday, January 27, 2017

Resetting Intex Aqua Fish

I had to recently reset the Aqua fish and I remember last time I said that when resetting it, you lose all your updates too. 
Well, so when I reset it, I was booted to which was the version it shipped to me. OK. I added a Jolla account, otherwise it won't search for updates. Then I checked for updates and it did get latest update. After updating I reinstalled a number of apps and checked all the functionality. It was all working alright. 
Well, this is the thing to remember with Sailfish Reset, you get back to the version that's available in your phone's ROM?/ recovery image. But if Jolla Update is working, you can grab the latest update too. 
One thing I don't know yet is what if Intex Aqua Fish did not get the latest update, then what? Do I have to un-Intex the Aqua Fish and then try to get the update - which seems obvious - or something else?

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