Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SBI and SBIePay sucks

Whenever I have to deal with State Bank of India, it has been a thoroughly frustrating experience. Unfortunately since it's largest bank, gives almost best interest as well loan rates, it's the go to bank for a huge number of people. And generally it works, but then some times it plainly sucks. 
My first frustrating experience was when I opened a saving account - in SBI at the behest of my parents. Problem is there are always so many people at each SBI branch, and the whole branch is like a madhouse. The tables don't have proper boards, SBI people will move you here to there without any proper information and overall it's a pain in the ass just to visit the branch to get some work done. 
If you know the exact things to do, well and good. Otherwise get ready to be kicked around the branch for a while. So after going through this SBI incubation treatment for a while I got used to it. Also came to know thoroughly the lines, the delays, the slow staff, the overall chaos. Hmm. 
Thankfully I kept my interactions to minimum, never got chequebook, netbanking, and used it to minimum with saving account and debit card. That's it. This meant visiting the branch in a while for updating the passbook, and other misc tasks once in a while like getting college fee demand drafts.
Next came the part where I needed a home loan. And through consultation we finalized on SBI for cheapest loan rates. The problem is there's so much paperwork needed, it was much pain in the ass again. But somehow I soldiered through. More bank visits, and oodles of signatures everywhere. I believe I might have probably signed away my life and the life of my seven descendents. Hahaha. 
Then come the WTF part. See you need to provide a SBI Savings account from which the EMI is transferred monthly to the Loan Account. For this the SBI folks asked me to furnish a Standing Instruction form. But the first month I got the surprize - no transfer happened. I had to manually pay the amount. I went to the branch and enquired. Turned out the SI was not enabled since loan was not disbursed - it was already! WTF!!! Anyway I had them enable SI manually and crossed my fingers next month. Same shit next month. Again I went and enquired. Turned out to be system issue. F@#$ U I said! Next month again no transfer. So I went and told them to delete the SI, since it was not working anyway. And since I have been manually transferring the EMI myself for that home loan. Great SBI!
But since then I have completely stopped using that SBI account. And maybe it's figures are screwed too. Last time I checked it showed about 11000/- as balance and when I tried to withdraw it, it said insufficient balance. Hahaha. WTF!!!
Anyway I have given up on SBI. 
But they won't let go of you. This time I wanted to pay some government tax and found out they are using SBIePay gateway - which is SBI's own payment gateway like Billdesk or Billjunction. 
And WTF! Been trying for about a week now - their aggregator listener page just doesn't move forward. F@#$ U SBI!!!! 
Really someone shut down this shit of an financial institution!!!! 

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