Tuesday, July 19, 2016

VNC on android

Recently I wanted some task performed for an app which meant I had to type in quite a bit of data on my phone. Now using a real keyboard is always preferable. So I tried to share the screen of my android phone with my PC and tried performing some typing.
There are two ways for this: 1. USB Debugging connection 2. VNC
I tried to use USB Debugging first thinking it would give better (ala faster) experience. I even found couple of apps on play store. But was soon bogged down in details of supporting apps, rooting etc. So I discarded this approach for another day.
Next I tried a number of VNC servers. The problems is most VNC software in play store is VNC Clients. But finally I found Alpha VNC and this is a good vnc server. I started the program. It has a nice round button with Start as text. Tapping this started the VNC server and it showed the connection details. I have the mobile connected to my desktop via USB Tethering so they are on same network. Next I fired up Remmina on ubuntu and entered the VNC connection details(IP and port) and connected.
The connection was good, no stuttering etc with medium details. The problem was not with VNC but with android's heavy dependence on touch usage. I could use the keyboard quite proficiently but many touch gestures needed for navigation meant I had to reach to phone for app switch, notification access etc.
But it helped me quite a bit with the typing and I guess that's all I needed.
Quite an experience though.

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