Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nubia Z9 Mini

I wanted to upgrade from a redmi 1S. It was October'15. I had redmi 1s for about a year. I was not happy with redmi. It was heavy, battery backup was not sufficient. The camera photos were great but it also heat up. So I sold it off for 3k and started hunting for a replacement.
Soon I got an opportunity in Amazon's sale. And so I managed to snatch Nubia z9 mini for 11.5K. It's good price for a phone retailing for 17K.
It's more than 8 months and I have some things to observe. Let's go over them one by one.
Telephony: The speaker is decent. Loudspeaker gets muffled sometimes you hold hands over the bottom since that's where the opening for the speaker is. Earphones are good and opposite side can hear you clearly. One thing to know it this phone supports only nano sim card so I had to cut my existing Sims to nano sim. Being the adventurous type I managed it with a scissor and a nail cutter. (Don't try this youtself - you may damage the tray, or sim slot)
Display: The 5" FHD display is sharp and bright. The colors are good and the original ROM gives option to change colors a bit from soft to glow etc.
Storage and RAM: 2GB team and 16GB rom is good enough. I ended up putting in a 8GB micro SD card in since I had one lying around. On storage front it's good enough. You won't be hurting for storage if your use is average and your music collection only few gb's.
One good thing is SD card slot is behind back cover so it can be easily replaced.
CPU performance: people would say snapdragon 615 is slow. Buy for 10K it's fast enough. Anyway for Android the real bottleneck is there RAM. And 2GB of it takes care of any and everything.
Battery life: stock ROM gives about a day. Mokee marshmallow gives one and half day.
Camera: The 16MP back and 8 MP front camera may sound like overkill but they shine. The back camera can take some awesome photos. Especially macros if your hand is steady. Our get a tripod Fromm Amazon. The front can is also good and I'm daylight the front photos look like photos taken from any other phones back camera.
Audio: original ROM supports Dolby sounds but have found it out to be gimmick. But normal audio is very good. It can easily drive my sennheiser HD 439.
Software update: I had only one update in about four months and there was word of lollipop 5.1.1 update. So I hunted down for some Roms. Managed to find a good one BH name of Mokee!
So these days I'm marshmallow 6.0.1. it's a kick ass ROM. Fluid performance. One and half day battery life. Overall great.
So I got my money out of this purchase. Thanks Nubia for making such a good phone.
Negative points:
Front doesn't have glass protection. Buy it comes with screen protector applied. Back looks like glass but it's pretty plastic and gets scratched easily.
Another problem is back camera lens is not well protected so father's lots first and may get scratched even.
I had to get a transparent case for this. Cost me ₹150. But worth the investment.

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