Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tata DOCOMO Photon Max WiFi Data Card Review

5 Oct: I have been using this WiFi dongle and don't have positive experience. It almost never auto-connects. The network signal keeps fluctuating between 2-3 bars. I have to place it in a window to get decent signal of steady 3 bars. And I can do so since I have a power bank into which I plug this thing.
The utility of this is good since you get WiFi for upto 5 devices. But the experience is crappy.
Well, I guess I'll use it for a year so that I feel like my money is not total waste. Then I'll ditch it for sure.
Since I moved to new place which was six months ago, I have been surviving on need basis small internet packs. They worked fine for things like paying electricity bills, checking mails and occasional browsing. But with three internet devices( two smartphones and one laptop) and two concurrent users (me n wife), I had to get some kind of better solution.
First I thought I would be able to get cable broadband, but local cable provider turned out lazier than ever and after a fortnight of follow-up I gave up on the idiots. So started search for other options. But after numerous calls and hearing a number of NO's I finally decided on getting a data card.
There also I didn't get many options. I had previous experience with Reliance and knew they were crappy. So thought to try out Tata Docomo. After browsing their website, I decided to go with their "photon max WiFi" solution.
This is CDMA solution with Rev B giving about 6-8Mbps speeds (if you are lucky and get good range, otherwise it's CDMA Rev A 153kbps speeds.)
The basic unlimited plan is INR700/- for 2GB fast data and unlimited data past that at 153kbps. Crappy deal but that's the best I could get. Compare that with airtel / Idea whose unlimited data speed is 40/20 kbps. Bah!
Plus I invested INR1999/- in their Wi-Fi data card. I know it sucks but it's not a loss till I get reliable connectivity. Also one good point of this particular data card is it's roaming free. So if I get out then I could take it with me and still enjoy decent speeds.
It's about a week since, and I am getting average speeds. The broadband speeds are not going to be this things specialty so I am thinking if this provides me decent uninterrupted connectivity even that's enough.
I'll update this review as and when possible.

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