Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Honor 5X experience

My wife needed a replacement for her aging xperia SP. It didn't have much internal storage and that caused her much pain. Since it was about three years old, I thought we should get a new one.
While checking out various phones I came across an exchange offer for Honor 5X and with exchange it was in our budget. So we got ₹1700/- off and got the phone for ₹11050/-.
It worked fine for three weeks and then the SD card slot died. Thankfully I had 30 days replacement and I ordered a replacement since it's otherwise a nice phone. Also couple lf my friends own Honor devices and they have had great experiences.
So the replacement is coming soon. Then maybe I'll do a thorough review for that.
Meanwhile my wife is using my old Are Blade C which has been my backup phone for last two years. It's battery gauge is shit, but otherwise it's a fine backup device.

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