Saturday, July 12, 2014

Upgraded a Lenovo A1000-T tablet

This tablet belonged to one of my relatives and I took it with me for updating the apps on my home WiFi. Once it was connected, I started updating the apps one by one. Then in between the updates, a notification popped. This was about a system update availability. I was frankly intrigued. Seeing an android update. So i stopped app updating and instead went for the update. It was ~92MB and took some time to download. Then another dialog popped up asking me if i wanted to update now or after some time like 30mins, 90mins. I selected to update now. The tablet rebooted and updated. After it was done, it rebooted. Once we were connected to WiFi, another update popped up. This one saying it was memory related and it will wipe out all user data. So I went through and checked the partitioning. So it had a 512 MB system partition and 2GB internal partition. Ok. So I went through that update.
Now after some time in getting the user account set up, I'm running through so many apps install, but it has raised the system partition size to 1.4GB and shrunk the internal partition to 1.4GB. I guess that means those pesky 'out of storage' errors will vanish now.
Kudos to Lenovo!!!!

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