Monday, July 28, 2014

A tryst with Message Queues Pt. 3

So once I have called it quits on the R&D, I started work on the integration thing. The problem has grown tenfold by now. The powers that be want to do a lot of messaging stuff and its become a list of at least half a dozen changes where messages are to be introduced. Now, there's another angle. I am serving notice period, the recruitment people are having hard time finding a replacement and its my last three weeks here. I should be doing the handover. Shouldn't be working on these new features - especially things as complex and less understood as this STOMP stuff. But what can you do when the powers that be want to push in code without worrying about the future of that code.
So I sat silently on this wet and cold Monday morning, trying to figure out the integration strategy. Yeah, the code is all C code, so better to keep it all together. Means a single function which connects to server, sends the message and disconnects. What can I pass? We need to fetch in settings from a config file. Alright I'll use the common config. And what parameters to this function? Maybe just the message will do? No, I need to pass the queue name too. Since there are going to be multiple queues.
OK. Plus I need to extern "C" all includes. Lets hope it doesn't screw up the already included stuff.
So I dive in the code. Add the libraries. Modify the build script to build these too.
Then I add support for the new config fields in the common config file. From there I add some more code to read the new configs.
From there I pull together the message sending code from other application which I have been using for R&D, put it all in function. Then I add some #ifdef's around all this code and add the linking and includes to the pro file.
So after messing with this for some time I finally have some messed up code ready to be compiled. Its going to be a nightmare to get this sauce working. But thankfully I have been many such nightmares already. Will be back soon with next part if I manage to get this spaghetti working.

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