Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rooting zte blade c

Zte Blade c (v807/v889) can be rooted by using vroot application. This is a windows program, so you need a windows PC for this.
You can follow this process:
Enable USB debugging mode on phone and connect to PC.
You need to install USB drivers. You can get these from the phone itself. When you connect the phone to PC, you get an option in notifications about connection type. Here if you select CD-Rom, then a mounted CD-Rom appears in your computer which contains the drivers.
Otherwise you have to search on the internet to get the debug drivers. Once the drivers are installed, you will see a MT6513 device in system tray.
Now start vroot, and wait for it to detect the phone. Once phone is detected, clicking on 'root' button will start the rooting procedure. After files are copied to the phone, it will restart the phone and rooting will continue.
Afterwards phone will restart again and load android. You will see a Superuser app in app drawer. If you open root checker, you will get a prompt about root permissions. Once you have given the permissions, root checker will start and show that the phone is rooted.

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