Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thoughts on ZTE Blade C after a fortnight

So I am using the ZTE Blade C as my daily driver now. It's almost a fortnight since I started using it. The main point for me to go for this one instead the latest crop of cheap chinese kitkat phones from Micromax/Karbonn/Xolo etc or Moto E was the price it was offered. The price was INR4000 i.e. ~$68. Thats dirt cheap. And whatever features it provided are more than enough for me.
When compared to my previous android phone - Karbonn S1 Titanium - INR7600 /~$127, the blade c actually shines. The Karbonn handset had following shortcomings:
1. It's touch response was sub par. The capacitive keys were terrible. Plus it's touchscreen used to go crazy when it was charging. Also there was a bad touch spot which made typing slightly painful.
2. The 5MP/720p camera was average, even though it was touted as a main feature.
3. It's chipset is Qualcomm S4 play - not the best when it comes to power consumption. And it's couple generations old by the time I got the phone.
4. The display is bright and colourful but its viewing angles are not much. So watching videos on the 4.5" screen is not even an average experience.
On the plus side, it has 1GB of RAM and that was it's only saving grace.

Coming to the ZTE, I noticed following points:
1. The display is kind of dim. So sunlight legibility is low. But indoors it works fine.
2. The touch response is superb. I don't mind holding home button to get recent app list here. And the vibration is perfectly synced with the OS response.
3. 512MB RAM hurts the phone. it's just not enough. You start some game or demanding app and have mp3's playing in background, expect to have the music player killed automatically. Also when you quit the game, then the homescreen will take 3-4 seconds to load. Thats because of less amount of RAM.
4. The interface is smooth. There is no unnecessary lag anywhere except where intense memory operations are happening like App loading/ resume etc. The various effects and transitions are smooth and the interface feels very responsive. This could be due to better touch response too.
5. Battery life is good. The phone lasts about 12Hrs. My typical use includes about half an hour of calls, couple of hours of web browsing (mostly while I am in transit), coulpe of hours of Whats app, and an hour of gaming (It's candy crush saga these days :D)

I guess looking at all these points, I got a good deal. Happy customer ZTE. 

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