Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fiio A1 experience

Couple of weeks back I bought the cheapest Fiio I could find. That's the matchbox sized A1 portable amplifier. 
It costs me about 2000Rs. It's portable. Good a small battery inside. Charges off computers USB port with supplied micro-USB cable. Provided items are two clips, two stereo cables, one micro USB charging cable and a user manual alongside the portable amp unit. 
Let's get right into the experience. The amp is decently loud. The provided three equalizer presets are not much help though. The tiny form factor makes it ultra portable. 
My only gripe is I don't have any heavy headphones/ weak audio sources to use these. 
My Soundmagic ES1 run fine on my years old Nokia C5. Heck even the 32Ohm Sennheiser HD349's run fine on that. 
So there's that!! Maybe I wasted my 2K!!😃

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