Tuesday, July 11, 2017

GPS Not working in my Panasonic T44

So I have never yet tested the GPS thoroughly in Panasonic T44, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that this is something that doesn't work on this phone of mine. But I managed to ignore it for all these days. Then this week I really need the GPS because I'm going touring this coming weekend and having the GPS would be blast. 
So I checked the GPS in google maps. Doesn't work, the fix I get is triangulated from cell towers. Next I downloaded a number of GPS Diagnostic apps and checked through them. The best GPS Diagnostic and info app is "GPS Test". It's icon is a radar like circle with green/red dots in it depicting satellites. This showed that the phone is getting the sat list, but is not able to get any signal. Then I put the same app in my Intex Aqua Fish, and it worked fine there. I even got the fix in a few seconds outside on road.
Well, sucks! So there can be multiple reasons for this. Maybe the antenna connection is loose, or there's no antenna, God knows. Or maybe some software problem. Don't know. 
So I hunted for software related solutions on the net, tried half dozon of them, and no improvement. So today I'm going to open the phone, voiding the warrantee. It's a 3k phone plus Panasonic Support stories are not that encouraging to get this fixed by them. So going to take the matters in me strong hands! :J Lets see. 
Meanwhile as a backup, I have upgraded "Here We Go" navigation app in Intex Aqua Fish, and if the Pana doesn't work then I'm going to pop my Airtel SIM in the Aqua Fish and go!

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