Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A new lease of life to Karbonn Titanium S1

If you must remember, then I bought this android phone for my sistsr as her first android. It replaced the aging Nokia C5-00 5MP, her first phone. It was a decent value for money phone back then. It shipped with android 4.1.2 and stayed stuck there forever. Since it was with my sister who stayed with my parents at my hometown I didn't have much chance to do any real hacking/modding of it. So it worked for last two+ years. 
Then after two years it's original battery gave up. So I purchased a replacement online for 200 odd rupees and that gave it a bit of lease of life. Then next year it fell few more times and finally the screen got damaged enough to produce some lines on it. 
Being a loving and caring brother I told sister that I would give a new phone. But I couldn't find a decent phone and so gave her my - then about a year used but still in pristine condition -Nubia Z9 mini and she's enjoying it since. 
So the Titanium S1 stayed with me for last six months, being totally ignored. But yesterday when I found out the GPS in my current phone is kaput, I thought maybe the Titanium S1 is not that damaged yet, the battery is about a year used only and the screen is not totally kaput. Lets see. So yesterday I dug it out. The battery was dead. So I used my powerbank to quickly charge it to full. Then I sat to unravel the pieces. First use it as it is for 15mins and assess the damage. It was unusable, the menu was stuttery, apps were taking shitload of time to load. Yes, it's Android 4.1, but still it should not be this bad. Looks like loads of virus/worms and what not. 
OK. Tried to update everything, but some stupid download kept blocking the update downloads. So I used ShareIt to manually send the important apps from my other android and manually installed them. Then went into Settings and disabled a lot of unwanted things. That done, I went to Play Store again and tried the update, it worked this time. 
After updating all the needed apps, I once again went through the All Apps tab in Apps, and removed suspicious looking apps. Then I installed Avast Antivirus and let it scan the phone. It found 3 malicious apps and removed them. 
By then it was midnight and I had office next day, so to bed. Next day I went through the mobile once more and tuned it with optimum defaults/ settings etc. Checked battery consumption, no surprizes there. Found out Avast does not scan internal memory by default, so had it scan internal memory, and found one more malicious APK and it purged it. By this time the mobile is looking good. It's not fast, nor is it smooth. But it works. And that's what matters!!!

Update: 2017/07/11 I successfully used the Karbonn Titanium S1 with Google Maps for Offline navigation couple of days ago for a 100km long trip. I did not put any SIM card in it. Luckily the sky was not overcast, so it could easily get a GPS lock. And it helped us navigate out of city quickly. The battery lasted for about 5hours which is commendable for a 1600mAh battery.
The screen is shits with the number of white horizontal lines, but I can use it for navigation etc simple tasks.

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