Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Using Mate and WTF is wrong with Nautilus!!!

Well, I have been using Ubuntu 16.04, then 16.10 and now about to upgrade to 17.04 whenever it gets released. Problem is with Unity is we get updated Nautilus. And over the time I have seen the changes that have made me say WTF!!!
More on this later. But this caused me to switch to Mate. I didn't want to replace my existing installation because there are about a dozen apps and half-dozen drivers that I have installed for office work. And I don't want to go through re-configuring everything again. So I just installed Mate desktop and been using it.
Frankly, Mate is killer. It's lightweight and so fast. Very responsive. I didn't have much problems with Unity's search the app metaphor since I pin half a dozen apps which I use regularly, and that's it. But Unity has been pretty sluggish and I used it only because the indicators and stuff keeps running without breaking over updates.(Have used XFCE and LXDE, both exhibited this issue.)
Anyway, so Mate it is for me.
Lets get back to Nautilus. Mate's using fork of Nautilus from Gnome 2 which they have named Caja. Now, the Gnome dev's have really messed up Nautilus. First they trimmed the top bar. That means the various options and view types are gone.
Then the split view is gone.
Then they replaced the copy/move dialogs with silly popups. I mean really??? When I have two windows side by side and when I copy a big file from one to another these two shitty popups show up both the places. WTF??? And they don't even go away when the copy is complete!!! Gods!!!
Add to the insult, previews stopped a month back and whatever I try, no more previews. Damn! Got fed up!!!
Anyway's am going to install Mate on my home laptop too since I cannot take this shit anymore. F U Gnome 3 devs. Take back your free shit!!!

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