Tuesday, April 11, 2017

LG phones bootloop/ restarts/ slowness issues

Been reading about the troubles with LG. To be frank, LG actually has crappy phones. Their mid range is non-existent and their high end is in search of identity. Add in these QA issues. I mean come on.... I have seen phones getting literally cooked at about 45-50 degrees when gaming and they did not fail - e.g. my Nubia Z9 mini and few more older phones. If LG cannot make a phone motherboard, they need to be put out of phone making business.
Latest news is they have a Class Action lawsuit in US. Hmmm let everybody know LG hardware is crap.
For comparisons we have not heard such things from almost all other manufacturers. And please leave aside chinese knock-offs. They can't even align their plastic edges. Haha.

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