Monday, April 10, 2017

The death of Canonical Unity (and Mir)?

It was a surprise announcement. But then again maybe Mark Shuttleworth saw the writing on the wall, and thought about stopping the bleeding. And so the culling began...
I was kind of shocked when I read Jono Bacon's post. Why? Because I'm not much online on G+. And Jono's was the latest post on Planet Ubuntu.
Anyway I did try Unity 8, and it did look slick. Funny think is probably KDE has similar graphics and animations for ages, and they never appealed to me. Frankly I just hate the way KDE looks. The odd highlights, the cramped fonts, the weird effects I immediately disable... gaah!!! What I saw in Unity 8 though, I liked it. Anyway again Canonical has few resources and they are better spent on improving Canonical's longevity. Because It's Canonical that took Linux to the masses and not Redhat or SuSe or anybody else.
For that..... Salute!!!

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